The 19th Annual Tom Wilson Memorial BBQ Bowl wrapped up on Sunday, July 7, at Central Missouri Speedway. A total of 80 race teams were on hand in the four divisions, including 22 Mod-Lites for their $1,500-to-win Track Special Event, 13 B-Mods, 14 Street Stocks and 31 A-Mods that were on hand for the $5,000 to win victory.

A-Mod Recap

Jon Sheets and Dean Wille began the main event from row one with Wille moving out to an early lead over Sheets, Darron Fuqua and Gunner Martin. By lap seven, Fuqua moved to second behind Wille, who built up a half straightaway lead.

The order at lap ten was Wille, Fuqua, Sheets, Martin and Chad Lyle. Fuqua began to inch closer as Wille encountered lapped traffic by circuit 15 with Sheets, Martin, and Lyle still inside the top five.

Terry Phillips moved up in the field by lap 18, going from from his 14th starting spot into seventh. At lap 20, things really began to tighten up as the leaders encountered heavy lapped traffic. Caution flew on lap 21 to bunch the field as Wille continued to be under pressure from Fuqua, Martin and Sheets. By lap 24, Phillips moved to fourth.

Fuqua got too high on lap 30 as Martin and Phillips got around to move to second and third. Phillips moved to the high side to try to figure a line around Marin and took second on lap 35 from Martin. With ten laps remaining, Phillips caught Wille in lapped traffic and took command by lap 41 with Wille on the high side behind heavy lapped traffic. As the pair weaved their way though Wille stayed close to the leader as Martin, Fuqua, Sheets and Karrick tried to close in. Caution flew for a single-car spin at lap 43 as Phillips led Wille, Martin, Fuqua and Sheets back to green. Inside of five to go, Phillips had the lead, but caution flew again for debris throughout the speedway. On the restart Terry Schultz was too high and spun in turn one to draw another caution. Another caution flew with a three-car incident in turn three and four. On the final restart, Phillips pulled away to claim his second CMS BBQ Bowl victory of his career. Behind Phillips at the finish were Martin, who finished the last series of laps with a left-front flat tire to hold on for the runner-up position. Wille finished in third with Karrick and Fuqua rounding out the top five

Mod-Lite Recap

Donnie Dannar and Dillon Raffurty started the night’s main event for Mod-Lites in row one with Raffurty getting the lead early on to pace the field. Behind him, Ed Griggs and Cody Miller ran strong in second and third. Through a series of several early cautions, Raffurty maintained his lead with Miller, Griggs, and Dannar in tow. Midway through the race, Dillon built a strong lead as the race finished under a long green flag race period. Dannar succumbed to race gremlins on lap 9, after which Dillon pulled away to claim the special event and his 30th CMS checkered flag. Griggs finished second ahead of Miller, Brian Ziegler, David Raffurty and Mike Kennedy inside the top six.

B-Mod Recap

Steven Clancy and Andy Bryant made up the front row of the B-Mod main with Clancy jumping out to an early race lead. After a lap two caution, racing resumed with Clancy building up a half straightaway lead by lap eight. Jake Richards, Bryant, Kyle Henning and Chad Staus followed inside the top five. Staus retired by lap 12 as his car coasted to the infield as Clancy continued to lead Richards. Clancy’s blistering pace was too much on this night as he pulled away for his 16th career CMS victory. Richards crossed the line second with Kyle Henning, Andy Bryant, Daniel Harris and Jessie Mulich to round out the top six.

Street Stock Recap

Bret ‘Woody’ Wood and Devin Irvin led the field to the 15-lap main event green flag. Irvin, in search of his first-ever CMS win led the opening circuits with Wood close by. By lap 4, Brian Schutt moved into second and challenged for the lead on the next lap with Irvin holding on. Irvin held his lead through a lap six caution as Schutt and Wood. Clayton Campbell moved to forth by lap 1 with John Brooks fifth. In the closing laps, Irvin and Schutt pulled away from Wood to settle the race and as the pair came to the checkers, it was Irvin who claimed his first-ever CMS victory. Schutt held strong for second with Brett Wood, Clayton Campbell, Aaron Poe and Michael Mullins rounding out the top six.

Day One - Saturday, July 6

The opening night of racing for the BBQ Bowl ran on Saturday, July 6.

Among classes competing were 12 Pure Stocks, 17 E-Mods, 22 Street Stocks, 39 B-Mods, 16 ULMA Late Models and 32 A-Mods for their night one three rounds of heat-race qualifying.

Pure Stocks Recap

Pure Stocks ran their 15-lap main event with Logan Headley and Jason Ryun showing the way to the green flag. Ryun was an early leader, but Headley stayed close while Spencer Reiff and Rodger Detherage were not far behind. A late caution slowed the field on lap 11 but Ryun was too strong on this night and went on to capture the victory over Headley, Reiff, Darrin Christy and Steve Evans.

E-Mod Recap

Jerry Brown and Shawn Burns led the E-Mod 12-lap main to the green flag, but it was Burns who took off and drove away from the field, leaving the cars of Jeremy Curless, Jerad McIntire and Brown to sort out the battle for second. Burns was again strong and returned to CMS victory lane, this time ahead of Curless, McIntire, Brown and Dakota Earls.

Strett Stock Recap

Street Stocks were in full force with Brian Schutt and Aaron Poe earning pole starting positions on round one. Early on, Schutt led a fierce battle with Nathan Vaughn and Poe through a lap-four caution period. Vaughn then grabbed the lead with Clayton Campbell moving to second. By lap nine it was Vaughn still showing the way with Schutt not far behind. In the end, the drivers ended the race in a fierce battle as Vaughn went on to claim the victory over Schutt, Poe, Campbell and Devin Irvin.

B-Mod Recap

In B-Mod main event action. Ryan Gillmore and Jake Richards occupied row one. It was Richards who led the field early and pulling away from the battle for second by lap six. Jacob Ebert and Gillmore had a fierce battle for second by lap nine. A caution waved late in the race but once again it was Richards who was strong on the restart and ultimately pulling away to another CMS win. Gillmore edged Ebert for second, behind Ebert in third was Shadren Turner and Blake Pierce.

ULMA Triple Crown Shootout

The final main event of the night was the finale of the ULMA Triple Crown Shootout in which Ryan Johnson and Aaron Marrant started on the pole position. It was a tight battle up front between the two front-row starters plus Cole Henson and Todd McCoin. The race went green to checkered flag all the way through as Marrant mastered the track high and low keeping his closest pursuer behind him. As the laps wore down and the racing became close-quarters through the lapped cars, Marrant eventually prevailed for the victory over Johnson, Henson, Johnny Fennewald and Todd McCoin.

Upcoming Events at Central Missouri Speedway

July 13 — Weekend off, no racing

July 20 — Comfort Inn Race Night, Weekly Racing 11

July 27 — Heartland Waste Race Night, Weekly Racing 12

Results from Sunday, July 7


Place Driver

1. Terry Phillips (75T)

2. Gunner Martin (75)

3. Dean K Wille (68)

4. Timothy W Karrick (1K)

5. Darron Fuqua (87)

6. Jon Sheets (8S)

7. Chad Lyle (16S)

8. Mark Schafman (34)

9. Colson Kirk (5K)

10. Shad Badder (73B)

11. Randall A Schiffelbein Jr (11Jr)

12. Sturgis Streeter (187)

13. Edward Griggs (31)

14. Kameron Grindstaff (14)

15. Jason Pursley (38C)

16. Tyler Hibner (89)

DNF — Terry L Schultz (90);Tanner Mullens (02); Kyle Westerhold (17k); Lance Mari (19SB); James Dean Eaton (24JR); Jimmy Dowell (88); Dustin Hodges (22H); Matt Johnson (1X).

MOD LITE A-Feature

Place Driver

1. Dillon Raffurty (46)

2. Edward Griggs (47)

3. Cody Miller (7)

4. Brian Ziegler (65Z)

5. David Raffurty (64)

6. Mike Kennedy (95)

7. Jeff Raffurty (98)

8. Justin Raffurty (75)

9. Anthony Kerr (73)

10. Travis Alexander (36)

11. Cody Vail (8V)

12. Anthony Lane (02)

13. Nathan Wolfe (3)

14. Mark Lane (33L)

15. Garrett Stonum (4K)

16. Chris Brockway (17)

DNF — Michael Raffurty (41); Donnie Dannar (171); Tony Sterner (14T); Kellie Vail (12V); Tyler Furrell (34); James Beebe (03).


Place Driver

1. Devin Irvin (67)

2. Brian Schutt (10)

3. Brett Wood (7)

4. Clayton W Campbell (30C)

5. John Brooks (27)

6. Aaron Samuel Poe (45)

7. Michael Mullins (M20)

8. James Allen Ngo (60)

9. Christopher Kircher (28K)

10. Nick Gibson (G1)

11. Daniel McKenzie (77).

DNF — Jay Lamons (0v); David Higgins (54LM).

DNS — Billy Shadden (6A).

B MOD A-Feature

Place Driver

1. Stephen Clancy (12c)

2. Jake Richards (7J)

3. Kyle Henning (1)

4. Andy Bryant (181)

5. Daniel Harris (07)

6. Jessie Mulich (90)

7. Jeremy Lile (05)

8. Chad Walker (04)

9. Dallas Heuser (15H)

DNF — Robert Chad Staus (c3); Tyler Wood (7).

DNS — Donald R Marrs (9); Cody Brill (96).

Results from Saturday, July 6


Place Driver

1. Jason Ryun (27)

2. Logan Headley (23)

3. Spencer Reiff (7)

4. Darrin Christy (3B)

5. Steve Evans (89e)

6. Jeff Hardy (427)

7. Scott Martin (12)

DNF — Rodger Detherage (25x); Jimmie Workman (24); Dustin Dillon (22); Joseph Kelly (36); John Jameson (182).

E MOD A-Feature

Place Driver

1. Shawn Burns (28)

2. Jeremy M Curless (33)

3. Jerad McIntire (9X)

4. Jerry Brown (X)

5. Dakota Earls (15E)

6. Kristopher Bailey (77)

7. Jaren Martin (3366)

8. Steven Makar (4M)

9. Jason Earls (11)

10. Chet Yates (99c)

11. Bryan Smith (98)

12. Jerry Schmidt (33x)

13. Leland Quint (118)

14. Jeffrey Duncan (87D)

15. Danny Thompson (7J)

DNF — John Snyder (6J).

DNS — David Dorrell (06D).STREET STOCK A-Feature

Place Driver

1. Nathan Vaughn (12V)

2. Brian Schutt (10).

3. Aaron Samuel Poe (45)

4. Clayton W Campbell (30C)

5. Devin Irvin (67)

6. Brett Wood (7)

7. Eric Hammons (5H)

8. John Brooks (27)

9. Scott Jeffrey Johnson (7m)

10. Ethan Lamons (0)

11. Michael Mullins (M20)

12. Christopher Kircher (28K)

13. Robert Chad Eickleberry (09)

14. Dale Douty (3)

15. James Allen Ngo (60)

16. Daniel McKenzie (77)

17. Jerry Schmidt (11x)

18. Nick Bennett (51)

DNF — Jay Prevete (25xxx); David Higgins (54LM); Nick Whalen (00).

DNS — Alex Gilbertson (55).

B MOD A-Feature

Place Driver

1. Jake Richards (7J)

2. Ryan Gillmore (66)

3. Jacob Ebert (94)

4. Shadren Turner (17T)

5. David Blake Pierce (16)

6. Cody Brill (96)

7. Luke Nieman (181)

8. Austin Charles (81)

9. Robert Chad Staus (c3)

10. Brad Smith (99)

11. J C Morton (18)

12. Rex Harris (30)

13. Stephen Clancy (12c)

14. Rodney L Cordon (14)

15. Mitchell Franklin (F1)

16. Jeremy Lile (05)

17. Kyle Henning (1)

18. Bill Small (28s)

19. Johnny McGinnis (10)

20. Danny Martin (33)

21. Dayton Pursley (10P)

22. Brian Murphy (1M)

DNF — Daniel Harris (07); Tyler Wood (7).


Place Driver

1. Aaron Marrant (1x)

2. Ryan Johnson (7)

3. Cole M Henson (31c)

4. Johnny Fennewald (21)

5. Todd McCoin (7x)

6. Kaeden Cornell (50)

7. Larry D Ferris (51)

8. David Melloway (14x)

9. Jon Melloway (74)

10. Tucker Cox (1)

11. Lane Ehlert (42)

12. Ashlee Lancaster (16)

13. Dalton Imhoff (96).

14. Troy Reasoner (25JR)

DNF — Jason Sivils (0); Kyle Schlotz (749).

DNS — Dylan Hoover (99).

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