Central Missouri running back Koby Wilkerson makes a cut in the second half of the Mules 45-23 loss to Northwest MIssouri State on Saturday, No. 16, in Maryville.

The Super Region 3, featuring teams from the MIAA, the GLIAC, the GLVC and the GAC, holds six teams ranked inside the top 15 nationally fighting for a spot in the national semifinals.

No. 1 Ferris State

Record — 10-0, GLIAC conference champs

National ranking — No. 2

Offensive numbers — 39.7 ppg, 513.3 yards per game — 255.6 passing , 257.7 rushing game.

Key offensive players — Jayru Campbell, QB, sr.; Travis Russell, QB, sr.

Defensive numbers — 13.7 points per game allowed, 262.2 yards allowed per game, 29 sacks, 14 interceptions

Key defensive players — Sam Heyboer, LB, jr.; Avonte Bell, LB, sr.

No. 2 Ouachita Baptist

Record — 11-0, GAC conference champs

National ranking — No. 5

Offensive numbers — 30.8 ppg, 391.2 yards per game — 234 rushing, 157.2 passing

Key offensive players — Brockton Brown, RB, sr.; Brayden Brazel, QB, soph.; Allie Freeman, WR, sr.

Defensive numbers — 13.8 points allowed per game, 301.5 yards allowed per game, 22 sacks, nine interceptions

Key defensive players — Austin Guymon, LB, jr.; LaFoy Smith, DL, sr.; Hayden Lassiter, DB, jr.

No. 3 Northwest Missouri State

Record — 10-1, co-MIAA conference champs

National ranking — No. 10

Offensive numbers — 46.6 ppg, 453.6 yards per game — 236.9 rushing, 216.7 passing

Key offensive players — Braden Wright, QB, soph.; Justin Rankins, RB, sr.; Imoni Donadelle, WR, jr.

Defensive numbers — 20.5 points allowed per game, 325.4 yards allowed per game, 41 sacks, 19 interceptions

Key defensive players — Trey Washington, DB, soph.; Spencer Phillips, DE, sr.

No. 4 Central Missouri

Record — 10-1, co-MIAA conference champs

National ranking — No. 15

Offensive numbers — 48.6 ppg, 570.2 yards per game — 218.4 rushing, 351.8 passing

Key offensive players — Brook Bolles, QB, sr.; Shae Wyatt, WR., soph.; Zach Davidson, TE, jr.

Defensive numbers — 29.4 points allowed per game, 410.9 yards allowed per game, 35 sacks, 9 interceptions

Key defensive players — John Embry, LB, sr.; Ubong Udom, DL, jr.; Codie Bell, DB, jr.

No. 5 University of Indianapolis

Record — 9-1

National ranking — No. 14

Offensive numbers — 49.1 ppg, 520.2 yards per game — 269.6 rushing, 250.6 passing

Key offensive players — Al McKeller, RB, jr.; TJ Edwards, QB, sr.; Toriano Clinton, RB, soph.

Defensive numbers — 15.8 points allowed per game, 307.4 yards allowed per game, 26 sacks, 13 interceptions

Key defensive players — Connor Steeb, DB, jr.; Jacob Schmatz, DL, sr.; Joe Lambright, LB, sr.

No. 6 Harding

Record — 10-1

National ranking — No. 12

Offensive numbers — 36 ppg, 428.9 yards per game — 393.8 rushing, 35.1 passing

Key offensive players — Cole Chancey, RB, jr.; Tristan Tucker, RB, jr., Preston Paden, QB, jr.

Defensive numbers — 12.7 points allowed per game, 263.5 yards allowed per game, 25 sacks, 14 interceptions

Key defensive players — Chris Wein, LB, sr.; Dylan Hendricks, LB, jr.; Jacory Nichols, DB, sr.

No. 7 Lindenwood

Record — 8-3 GLVC conference champs

National ranking — Receiving votes (8)

Offensive numbers — 33.1 ppg, 445.9 yards per game — 133.5 rushing, 312.4 passing

Key offensive players — Cade Brister, QB, soph.; Nash Sutherlin, RB, jr.; Payton Rose, WR, soph.

Defensive numbers — 29.5 points allowed per game, 426.2 yards allowed per game, 25 sacks, 9 interceptions

Key defensive players — Drew Seers, LB, sr.; Grady Daniels, DB, jr.; Tayvian Weary, DL, soph.

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