CENTERVIEW — Senior Kenna Brandes once again etched her name in the Crest Ridge record books on Tuesday, Oct. 8, as she became the first player in the history of the volleyball program to record 1,000 career digs.

“She is not only the carrier leader in that stat, but also is the first player to reach that milestone which is pretty impressive,” Crest Ridge coach Katie Woolsey said.

She accomplished this feat in the second set of a 2-0 (25-10, 25-19) conference win at home over Orrick.

“Came out that first set really clicking and rolling and everyone doing their job,” Woosley said.

Brandes came into the match needing just 11 digs to reach 1,000.

She came within one late in the match but was subbed out due to the rotation.

However, she went back in the very next point.

“When she said go in for Regean, I was like, ‘Oh they must have a play set up for someone else,’” Brandes said.

It wasn’t until Crest Ridge was two points away from winning the second set that Brandes hit the career milestone.

“I couldn’t be more proud of her for her effort and then as far as a leader and a teammate, she pushes her teammates every day,” Woolsey said.

Woolsey pumped her fist in the air after the libero’s milestone dig.

Woolsey called timeout after the point finished with Crest Ridge up 23-19.

“We recognized her at that timeout, she didn’t know, it was a great surprise for her,” Woolsey said. “Her friends got to give her the banners which was cool and then in that timeout we broke it down and she goes, ‘Okay, now let’s go finish that.’ Recognized for her, a personal achievement for her and then her next words are, alright let’s go finish that, let’s go finish this game. And that is the kind of player she is. She will do whatever it takes for the team to win the game.”

The Crest Ridge student section informed Brandes of her accomplishment.

“I was like speechless because like one, I didn’t know,” Brandes said. “I have been sending all these emails to these coaches with 700 digs. I am like, ‘Oh yeah, I am a libero and I have 700 digs,’ and then I turn around and it is 1,000 digs.”

They held up signs and posters celebrating the senior.

“I have always wanted a surprise birthday party but that was way better,” Brandes said.

Brandes had a strong family presence on hand Tuesday night to watch her make history, all the while she had no clue why there was such a crowd as the milestone was kept a secret from her.

“I am just surprised my mom and Kyla kept the secret,” Brandes said.

Brandes entered the season with 776 career digs.

She finished her junior campaign with the program dig record and an All-State selection.

Now part of the way through her senior campaign she becomes the only player in the program’s history with 1,000 career digs.

“Can’t say enough for Kenna getting that,” Woolsey said. “She deserved to earn No. 1,000 in front of her family and friends. She’s put in the work and is the best libero I have coached. I am extremely proud of her and love that she could celebrate with those she loves.”

Brandes finished the match with 12 digs.

As for the game itself, it was all Crest Ridge (14-3-2, 2-1 I-70) from the start.

Crest Ridge never trailed in the first set and trailed for just one point in the second set when Orrick went up 2-1.

There were three ties in the match, one in the first set and two in the second

“That was great to see them keep their focus and maintain it,” Woolsey said.

Crest Ridge returns home on Thursday, Oct. 10, for another I-70 battle with Wellington-Napoleon.

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