Hoke signs with Indiana University

Warrensburg senior Gabrielle Hoke signs her letter of intent with Indiana University for track and field Sunday, July 26.

WARRENSBURG — Warrensburg senior Gabrielle Hoke signed with Indiana University for track and field Sunday, July 26.

“Indiana really stood out to me because first off, I really connected with Coach (Jake) Wiseman,” Hoke said. “He’s the type of coach who is a good mix between my high school coaches, Coach (David) Bickel and Coach (Brad) Small, and also the coaches that I have at Excelsior, where I go to practice. I really connected with all of them.”

Hoke said during her visit to Indiana University, she enjoyed the atmosphere of support she saw during the track and field practice.

Hoke said she also had offers from Baylor University, Brigham Young University, University of Central Missouri and Missouri Southern State University.

During her time at Warrensburg High School, she broke the school record for women’s pole vaulting her junior year, jumping 11-7.

Hoke recently broke the record again, jumping 13-0, as the Missouri State High School Activities Association is allowing summer records to count for high school.

Hoke said she had hoped to break the Missouri record for women’s pole vaulting, 13-1.5, but cancellations caused by COVID-19 prevented this from happening.

Hoke said her favorite memory of high school track and field was “breaking the record finally and having Coach Small and Coach Bickel as my coaches through everything.”

“I really miss not having them as my coaches this year,” Hoke said. “You look forward to that final year and closure with your coaches who have gotten you to where you are. Bickel is the one that encouraged me to start pole vaulting when I was in seventh grade, so to have him for my final year would have been nice and preferred but I’m still happy he’s the one who’s gotten me to where I am.”

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