WARRENSBURG — Western Missouri Medical Center and the University of Central Missouri Nutrition and Kinesiology partnered up for the second annual Sports Medicine Seminar.

This year’s seminar focused on pediatrics and educating athletic professionals on some of the most pressing health concerns facing young athletes and how to address them.

David Glover, MD and UCM team physician, kicked the seminar off speaking about apophysealiInjuries – or bony growths that are common in the pediatric population from overuse.

Drew Glover, MD and UCM team physician, discussed the risks of Sport Specialization and how to avoid burnout.

Other presentations included Dana Brewington, MD and UCM team physician, who shared on concussions and when a child should return to play.

Jessie Burgess, dietician at WMMC, spoke about pediatric nutrition and diet, as well as common eating disorders in younger athletes.

Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon Aaron Rupp, DO, spoke about shoulder dislocations, the most commonly dislocation injury in athletes. He discussed how they occur and how to treat them.

Following WMMC’s presentations, Jennies basketball coach Dave Slifer delivered the keynote speech on the Jennies journey to winning the National Championship.

Attendees also heard from Dr. Greg Williams about Functional Movement Screenings and how to conduct basic screenings to determine an athlete’s potential for injury.

There was representation from more than 15 organizations and school districts, including Boss Body Fitness Gym, Crest Ridge School District, Golden Valley Memorial Hospital, Knob Noster School District, Lee’s Summit Medical Center, Leeton School District, Platinum Martial Arts, Santa Fe School District, Sedalia School District, Select PT, Show-Me Christian School, Stonehill College, Twister Sports, University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg School District, Western Missouri Medical Center, Southside Swarm and XCA.

To learn more about Sports Medicine at WMMC, visit WMMC.com/SportsMedicine.

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