Todd Hamann Memorial Tournament hits decade milestone

Golfers tee off at the 18th hole of Mule National Golf Course to begin the 10th annual Todd Hamann Memorial golf tournament on Friday, July 12.

WARRENSBURG — What started as a project to remember their son and revitalize a local park has grown to encompass local charity efforts for young children.

Now in its tenth year, the Todd Hamann Memorial Golf Tournament continues to help keep Lions Lake thriving as well as helping fund the ECHO program and the Johnson County Cancer Foundation.

When their son Todd passed away in March of 2009 at 24, Marilyn and Hank Hamann along with their other son Sean Hamann knew immediately they wanted to help revitalize Lion’s Lake, ultimately getting the Todd Hamann Trail in place around the lake.

“We wanted it to be used for the lake, but we also wanted it to be used in the community,” Hank Hamann said.

The memorial fund grew to aid the Early Childhood Hunger Operation within the first two years and the Johnson County Cancer Foundation the last five years while also helping out other organizations as the opportunities presented themselves.

“Except for the lake, it’s always been about children and families that need help,” Hank said.

“Initially, we were bringing in five or six thousand dollars, but it’s grown every year,” Hank said. “This is the biggest its ever been. It has evolved. The last few years, it has been in the eighteen to twenty thousand dollar area.”

The tournament is held at Mule National since its inception, another tribute to Todd, who enjoyed the course growing up.

The duo of Darin Baldwin and Chris Smith won this year’s tournament with a score of 58, followed by Marion Woods and Doug Woods in second place with a round of 60. Matt Clawson and Ron Clawson rounded out the top three of the championship flight with a 61.

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