Ninety race teams signed in for week eight competition on Saturday, June 15, including 20 A-Mods, 29 B-Mods, 22 Mod-Lites, nine Street Stocks, and 10 Pure Stocks.

Throughout the night, drivers competed in 11 preliminary heat races followed by five main events.

Pure Stock Recap

Spencer Reiff earned the pole for the main event with point’s leader Logan Headley on the outside of row one. Reiff led the opening lap with Headley and Jonathan Evans just behind.

A quick caution slowed the field on lap two with Reiff again pacing the field. Reiff maintained a furious pace up front and never looked back sailing on to victory.

Behind Reiff at the line were Headley, Joey Harper, Jonathan Evans and Darrin Christy.

Mod-Lite Recap

Michael Raffurty and Dillon Raffurty started the 20-lap Mod-Lite main event on row one with Dillon quickly assuming command through lap four.

A quick yellow flew on lap five with Dillon leading Ed Griggs in second, and David Raffurty third.

The race tightened by lap seven as Griggs challenged at the front only to lose the lead a lap later back to Dillon.

A series of yellows flew mid-race and it was Dillon who survived on the restarts. On the final restart, Griggs experienced mechanical trouble and could not restart.

Dillon Raffurty powered his way to another feature win over Michael Raffurty, David Raffurty, Travis Alexander and Jeff Raffurty.

B-Mod Recap

Dakota Foster and Patrick Royalty started the 20-lap main event on row one for the B-Mod feature as Foster quickly darted out front. Caution flew a couple times on lap six and again by lap 12, by which time Royalty was in the lead.

Close racing then ensued with Royalty and Foster. On lap 17 misfortune struck for Foster as he was caught up behind a spun car and had to restart at the tail.

He elected to leave the race.

When racing resumed, it was a tight battle with Royalty and Jake Richards up front.

Richards kept the pressure on and went on to make a last-lap pass to secure another CMS feature win.

Royalty finished a very close second with Jacob Ebert, Joey Lile and Sturgis Streeter rounding out the top five.

Street Stock Recap

Street Stocks began their 15-lap feature with Brett Wood and Chad Eickelberry on row one. Eickelberry led lap one before Wood made the pass for the lead by lap two.

Nathan Vaughn charged to the front by lap five and by lap six was pressuring Wood for the win.

Caution flew on lap nine and the racing was still close with Wood and Vaughn neck-and-neck. Several late cautions flew in the final stages and the rest of the way was cut short.

In the end, Vaughn lost a left-rear tire and fell from contention while Wood went on to secure the win.

Chris Kircher advanced to finish second with Jimmy Ngo, Devin Irvin and Vaughn rounding out the top five.

A-Mod Recap

Terry Schultz and Matt Johnson earned the row starting positions for the A-Mod, 25-lap feature race. Johnson looked very strong up front and was pulling away before a scary red-flag incident flew for Scotty Bough went flipping off turn four. Bough was okay after the crash.

When racing resumed, Gunner Martin closed in on Johnson and eventually made the pass for the lead. Unfortunately, Johnson went up and over the berm in turn three and retired from the race from second.

Martin led on the restart with Tim Karrick and Terry Schultz inside the top three. In the waning laps, Martin pulled away to secure the victory but Karrick and Schultz kept him honest at the finish line.

The finish was Martin, Karrick, Schultz, Dalton Kirk and Jimmy Dowell inside the top five.

The annual “track special event” for Street Stocks, who will compete for a $1,500-to-win payday, is set for Saturday, June 22nd.

Results from Saturday, June 15

Pure Stock A-Feature

Place Driver Points

1. Spencer Reiff (7), 100

2. Logan Headley (23), 95

3. Joey Harper (21), Mo. 91

4. Jonathan Evans (89), 87

5. Darrin Christy (3B), 84

6. Gale W. Harper Jr (28Jr), 81

7. James Mirts (39), 78

8. Scott Martin (12), 76

9. Jimmie Workman (24), 74

D.N.F. — Parker Smith (12x), 72

Mod Lite A-Feature

Place Driver Points

1. Dillon Raffurty (46), 100

2. Michael Raffurty (41), 95

3. David Raffurty (64), 91

4. Travis Alexander (36), 87

5. Jeff Raffurty (98), 84

6. Cody Miller (7), 81

7. Justin Raffurty (75), 78

8. Mark Lane (33L), 76

9. Tyler Furrell (34), 74

10. Kelly Bergstrom (9), 72

11. Anthony Kerr (73), 70

12. Cody Vail (8V), 68

13. Tony Sterner (14T), 66

14. Kevin White (33), 64

15. Joshua James Guy (2), 62

16. Anthony Lane (02), 60

17. Garrett Stonum (4K), 58

18. Kellie Vail (12V), 56

19. Kyle Jennings Guy (17), 55

D.N.F. — Edward Griggs (47) 54; Lucas Gillette (02G) 53; Jerry Taylor (14) 52.

B-Mod A-Feature

Place Driver Points

1. Jake Richards (7J), 100

2. Patrick Royalty (49), 95

3. Jacob Ebert (94), 91

4. Jeremy Lile (05), 87

5. Sturgis Streeter (61), 84

6. Brad Smith (99), 81

7. Jace Gay (29), 78

8. Cody Brill (96), 76

9. Donald R Marrs (9), 74

10. Robert Chad Staus (c3), 72

11. Bobby Russell (7B), 70

12. Johnny McGinnis (10), 68

13. Barry White (20), 66

14. Skylar Nolker (99M), 64

15. Jeremy Polston (11), 62

16. Scott Pullen (08), 60

D.N.F. — Dakota Foster (5x), 58; Gary McGinnis (38), 56; Larry Drake (27D), 55; Charles Sanders (16s), 54; Richard Brainard (3B), 53; Stephen Clancy (12c), 52; Chris Brockway (03), 51.

D.N.S. — Chris Spies (27s), 45.

Street Stock A-Feature

Place Driver Points

1. Brett Wood (7), 100

2.Christopher Kircher (28K), 95

3.James Allen Ngo (60), 91

4.Devin Irvin (67), 87

D.N.F. — Nathan Vaughn (12V), 84; Blake Mahoney (17), 81; Chad Eickleberry (09), 78; Randy Jester (51), 76.

D.N.S. — Larry Ferris Il (14) Kansas City, Ks. 45

Modified A-Feature

Place Driver Points

1.Gunner Martin (75), 100

2. Timothy W Karrick (1K), 95

3. Terry L Schultz (90), 91

4. Dalton Kirk (30), 87

5. Jimmy Dowell (88), 84

6. Rodney Schweizer (74), 81

7. Dean K Willie (68), 78

8. Johnny Wyman (95JR), 76

9. Richard S Florence (42), 74

10. Randall Schiffelbein (11Jr), 72

11. Kyle Westerhold (17k), 70

12. Curt Potter (11P), 68

13. Josh Crump (31), 66

14. Kameron Grindstaff (14), 64

D.N.F. — Colson Kirk (5K), 62; Matt Johnson (1X), 60; James Dean Eaton (24JR), 58; Terry Bivins (5x), 56; Scotty Bough (11s), 55.

D.N.S. — Kevin McGinnis (5), 45.

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