The Memorial Day weekend make-up events concluded on a Saturday, June 1, with 75 race teams on hand for competition at Central Missouri Speedway. Competing throughout the night were A-Mods in a 35-lap, $3,000-to-win special event, Pure Stocks in a $500-to-win special event, B-Mods, and guest class E-Mods with an extra $200 for the cars that raced as donated by Anthony Lane and Anthony’s Chimney Sweep.

E-Mod Recap

The E-mod main event among the cars competing was a green-to-checkered-flag-run. At the front, it was a close race with Kit Bailey, Jeremy Curless, and Shawn Burns as the blistering pace kept the competition close. On the white-flag lap it was anyone’s guess who might emerge as the winner but as the double-checkers fell, it was once again Burns who pulled into victory lane with the win. Bailey was the early leader and settled for second, followed by Curless, Jeff Duncan, and Kyle Russell.

B-Mod Recap

In the 20-lap main event Patrick Royalty was looking for the weekend sweep as he started outside of row two at the start behind Cody Brill, Jeremy Lile, and Kameron Grindstaff. Lile went over the berm on the start and was forced to retire with damage to the car at the start. Caution flew on lap seven to bunch the field for a restart with Stephen Clancy, Brill, and Royalty up front. A long green-flag racing period set in and it was Royalty who once again emerged as the winner, sweeping the weekend B-Mod action. Clancy finished second followed by Brill, Grindstaff, and Blake Pierce.

Pure Stock Recap

The Pure Stocks returned later in the evening for their annual 20-lap special event. J.R. Billings and Jason Ryun led the field to green flag racing, which was clean through lap five. A red-flag incident involving Tim Billings, who was okay after a frightening roll-over. As the race resumed, Scotty Martin came forward and raced hard to get the front of the field. A long green flag session saw Martin distance his lead out front and eventually sailing to victory over Ryun, Billings, Logan Headley, and Spencer Reiff.

A-Mod Recap

A-Mods capped the night off with their 35-lap special event with $3,000 going to the winner. Matt Johnson and Chad Lyle began the race up front with Lyle assuming command. Johnson stayed close in the early laps with Siebert and Terry Schultz in tow. A caution flew on lap 9 for debris as Lyle maintained his lead. By lap 23, the racing was fierce with Lyle, Johnson, and Tim Karrick in the top three. In heavy traffic the drivers raced close-quarters lap-after-lap. By the time the final ten circuits came around it was a race for the ages up front. Johnson took the lead on lap 27 only to have Lyle back out front the following lap. Lyle took the high side and help point until a late-race caution, again for debris, slowed the field. After the restart, Schultz fell from the top five to draw one more caution and a final restart, after which Lyle took the checkers in a close finish ahead of Tim Karrick, Gunner Martin, Matt Johnson, and Jon Sheets. Kyle Westerhold was in a roll-over incident during the hot-lap session but drove the car away okay.

Coming Up Next

Saturday, June 8th, weekly racing in all classes including A-Mods, Street Stocks, B-Mods, Mod-Lites, and Pure Stocks. Pit Gates open at 4:30 followed by spectator grandstands at 5. Driver pill-draw ends at 6:15 (no passing points if driver checks in late), the pit meeting takes place at 6:30, and practice ‘hot laps’ begin at 7. Racing begins at 7:30.

Central Missouri Speedway Schedule

Saturday, June 15th — Weekly Racing 8. (AM, SS, BM, ML, PS)

Saturday, June 22nd — Weekly Racing 9. $1,500-to-Win Street Stock Special plus AM, BM, ML, PS.

Saturday, June 29th — Midwest Coating Night, Weekly Racing 10. Fireworks

Friday, July 5th) — Tom Wilson Memorial BBQ Bowl Night 1 — $1,500-to-win Mod-Lites. A-Mod qualifying featuring A-Mods, Street Stocks, Mod-Lites and Pure Stocks

Saturday — July 6th — Tom Wilson Mem BBQ Bowl Night 2 — Night two AM qualifying and $5,000-to-win featuring A-Mods, E-Mods, ULMA Late Models Triple Crown Finale, Street Stocks and B-Mods

Saturday, July 13th — No Races

June 1 Results

B-MOD A-Feature


1. Patrick Royalty (49), 100

2. Stephen Clancy (12c), 95

3. Cody Brill (96), 91

4. Kameron Grindstaff (14), 87

5. Blake Pierce (16), 84

6. Rex Harris (30), 81

7. Jim Moody (7B), 78

8. Danan Knott (18K), 76

9. Chad Staus (c3), 74

10. Jacob Ebert (94), 72

11. Kody Bray (15s), 70

12. Kaleb Bray (19B), 68

13. Lonnie Hibner (88L), 66

14. Sturgis Streeter (61), 64

15. Dayton Pursley (10P), 62

16. Jeffery Douty (77), 60

17. Luke Nieman (181), 58

18. Chris Brockway (03), 56

19. Chad Walker (04), 55

DNF — Cole Campbell (22c), Jake Richards (7J), Olen Stephens (12Jr), Terry Bruner (8C), Jeremy Lile (05).

Pure Stock A-Feature

1. Scotty Martin (38)

2. Jason Ryun (27)

3. J.R. Billings (185)

4. Logan Headley (23)

5. Spencer Reiff (7).

6. Darrin Christy (3B)

7. David Doelz (4D)

8. David Schrills (10)

9. Jonathan Evans (89)

10. Jeremiah Wilson (24)

11. Joey Harper (21)

12. Josh Helm (49SR)

13. Gale W Harper Jr. (28Jr)

DNF — Scott Martin (12), Jimmy Smith (03), Tim Billing (4)

Modified A-Feature

1. Chad Lyle (16S)

2. Timothy W Karrick (1K)

3. Gunner Martin (75)

4. Matt Johnson (1X)

5. Jon Sheets (8S)

6. Darron Fuqua (87)

7. Austin Siebert (16)

8. Jason Pursley (38c)

9. Clint Lyle (33)

10. Edward Griggs (31)

11. Shad Badder (73B)

12. Kameron Grindstaff (14)

13. Mickey Burrell (73)

14. Rick Beebe (87B)

15. Kyle Westerhold (17k)

16. Rodney Schweizer (74)

17. Jimmy Dowell (88)

18. Mark Schafman (34)

19. James Dean Eaton (24JR)

DNF- Terry L Schultz (90), Danny Scrogham (29).

E-MOD A-Feature

1. Shawn Burns (28)

2. Kit Bailey (77)

3. Jeremy Curless (33)

4. Jeff Duncan (87D)

5. Kyle Russell (15)

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