The Johnson County 4-H Shooting Sports held a County .22 Rifle match on Saturday, July 20, at the Johnson County Jail Range.

There were three entrants in this match — one entrant in the junior group, who shot 30 rounds in the prone position and the two entrants in the intermediate, who shot 10 rounds each of prone, kneeling and standing positions.

Taylor Walker, Union Chapel Lions 4-H, won the junior division and was presented with a Blue Ribbon.

In the Intermediate division, Patience Caserta, Mineral Creek 4-H, claimed the top spot. Wyatt Hall, Blackwater Bobcats 4-H, took second.

Caserta also took home the top overall prize — a $50 gift certificate to Dick’s Sporting Goods donated by the company’s Community Marketing Program.

The following day, Sunday, July 21, the Johnson County 4-H Shooting Sports County hosted its County Archery Match in Leeton.

There were eight entrants in the match.

The categories of the contestants were Junior Compound Bow shooting with a release, featuring three entrants in this category. Junior Compound Bow shooting with fingers with no release held two entrants. The final junior category was shooting with a Recurve Bow and there were two entrants. There was one contestant in the intermediate class for shooting a Compound Bow with fingers.

Savanna Bramwell, Mt. Moriah Hustlers 4-H, won the Junior Compound Bow shooting with a release, followed by Zoie Davis, Mineral Creek 4- H, and Hailey Bente, Mineral Creek 4-H, in third.

Marcus Korman, Royal Clovers 4-H, came out on top of the Junior Compound Bow shooting with no release category and Cooper Audsley, Royal Clovers 4-H, finished second.

Korman also won the top prize for the day.

Hunter Bass, Mineral Creek 4-H, won the Junior Recurve category with Aidan Bass, Mineral Creek 4-H, taking second.

In the Intermediate division shooting, Caserta secured first place in the Compound Bow with no release event.

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