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KANSAS CITY — The MIAA announced it has partnered with the U.S.Council For Athletes Health (USCAH) to provide the conference office with athletic healthcare education, compliance resources and campus health and safety programs and tools for its member institutions.

The association becomes the first NCAA Division II organization to enter into a strategic partnership with USCAH.

During the next few months, the MIAA will have the opportunity, through a series of education, programming and compliance activities to earn “USCAH Preferred Status,” a designation that certifies the association’s commitment to ongoing evaluation and education for health and well-being.

“I am excited about this opportunity to enhance the MIAA’s proactive work in this important area,” MIAA Commissioner Mike Racy said. “This partnership is an important part of the association’s new strategic plan to emphasize a sense of total wellness for all MIAA student-athletes – mental, physical and personal.”

As the association continues to make healthcare and personal well-being a top priority, it now has access to Educational Learning Modules on important athlete healthcare and safety concepts.

In addition, USCAH will offer tools to MIAA members to assist with their compliance with various Inter-Association Health and Safety Recommendations.

USCAH will also provide resources to the MIAA office to assist its response to the current health crisis and to support the MIAA COVID-19 Task Force’s “Return to Campus — Return to Play” recommendations.

“The U.S. Council for Athlete’s Health is excited to partner with the MIAA in its mission to enhance comprehensive student-athlete health, safety, and wellness,” Dr. James R. Borchers, president and co-founder of U.S. Council for Athlete’s Health, said. “USCAH is committed to collaboration and programming that will transform athletic healthcare and safety for the MIAA, their member institutions and constituents.”

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