Ava Kamau, 4, shows off the butterfly tattoo she receives free at the annual Parks and Recreation Easter Egg Hunt held in conjunction with Grover Park Baptist Church. The event includes a puppet show that tells the story of Easter.

Many places of worship call Warrensburg home.

As expected in the Bible belt, almost every place of worship is a church, and the community has a variety of Christian denominational and nondenominational churches.

With hundreds of students from foreign lands attending the University of Central Missouri, in addition to community residents with other beliefs, there is a Muslim Center at 137 E. Culton St., at the intersection with North College Avenue.

Warrensburg is home to these places of worship...

First Baptist Church

1302 S. Maguire St.

(660) 747-9186

Bethlehem Lutheran Church

Pastor: Joel Kurz

607 N. Maguire St.

(660) 747-6742

Jesus Saves Pentecostal

400 W. Culton St.

(660) 747-5369

Central Missouri Baptist

105 S.E. 421st Road

(660) 429-6511

Grover Park Baptist Church

Pastor: Dr. Randall S. Neal

409 N. Mitchell St.

(660) 747-7196

Shiloh Missionary Baptist

Pastor: Terrence Moody

212 N. Main St.

(660) 747-5685

First United Methodist

Pastor: Louie Lowe

141 E. Gay St.

(660) 747-8158

Warrensburg First Presbyterian Church

Pastor: Heather Jepsen

206 N. College St.

(660) 747-5731

Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Pastor: Joe Bathke

300 S. Ridgeview Drive

(660) 747-6154

First Christian Church

Pastor: Jerry Basye

101 E. Gay St.

(660) 747-6815

Church of Jesus Christ

104 N.W. 361st Road

(660) 747-5463

Church of Jesus Christ

143 E. Pine St.

(660) 429-1370

Evangelical Free Church

Pastor: Mel Johnson

480 S.E. DD Highway

(660) 429-3762

First Assembly of God

Pastor: John Mark Allen

88 S. Mitchell St.

(660) 747-6762

Kingdom of God Christian Center

Pastors: Chad & Ivery Jamerson

123 E. Gay St.

(660) 441-3620

Community of Christ Church

Pastor: Jan Everhart

700 S. Mitchell

(660) 747-3835

Harvest Fellowship Church

Pastor: Shawn Benson

372 S.W. State Route 13

(660) 747-8164

Cumberland Presbyterian

Pastor: Randy Crawshaw

201 Grover St.

(660) 747-3021

Northside Christian Church

Pastor: Sid Tiller

500 N. Ridgeview Drive

(660) 747-8632

Bethel Baptist Church

Pastor: Richard Ricard

416 N.W. State Route 13

(660) 747-2173

Church of Christ

Pastor: Jeff Kenee

722 S. Maguire St.

(660) 747-5519

Christ Episcopal Church

Clergy: Ron Verhaeghe

136 E. Gay St.

(660) 429-1133

Warrensburg Church of the Brethren Pastoral Team

Contact: Jerry Crouse 802 Hale Lake Road

(660) 238-7147

Central Missouri Mission Center

106 N. College Ave. (660) 747-6193

Christian Student Fellowship

211 S. Maguire St.

United Campus Ministry

210 N. College Ave. (660) 747-6221

Liberty Baptist Church

85 N.W. 795th Road (660) 747-6085

Church of Jesus Christ, Latter Day Saints 1515 E. Hale Lake Road (660) 747-6500

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