Maintaining a healthy workout routine, no matter how strenuous, keeps the human body in top-notch form.

Warrensburg offers fitness centers, outdoor areas and sports leagues to help individuals begin or continue on the path toward a healthy lifestyle.

The university’s Student Recreation and Wellness Center, 500 S. Maguire, Warrensburg, houses modern workout equipment – treadmills, stationary bicycles, elliptical machines and free weights – in addition to an indoor track, several indoor basketball and volleyball courts, and a climbing wall with more than 1,000 square feet of climbing space.

Alumni and their family members are welcome to join the center.

Fitness centers outside the university include AnyTime Fitness, 115-7 E. Pine Street, Warrensburg, 747-2601; Strive Women’s Fitness, 1125 N. Simpson Drive, Warrensburg, 429-2348; CrossFit Believe, 520 N. Enterprise Drive, Warrensburg, 909-4248; and Warrensburg Community Center, 445 Gay St., 747-7178, which includes indoor and outdoor pools.

Staying fit does not necessarily include what some generalize as “working out.” Area biking and walking trails are located at the UCM campus’ Pertle Springs, Lions Lake and along Highway DD. For more avid riders, the 240-mile Katy Trail spans from suburban St. Louis to Clinton, along which are restaurants, hotels and motels serving as way points in more than 30 cities.

Other ways to stay fit involve competition and Warrensburg Parks and Recreation hosts youth and adult sports leagues year-round.

Adult leagues include mens and coed softball, basketball, volleyball, pickle ball and tennis. Youth leagues include baseball, softball, basketball, soccer and flag football, among others. Find out more online at

Other activities such as washing a car, dancing, tumbling, martial arts, participating in various community 5-kilometer runs or vigorously pruning bushes also are worthwhile.

Working toward a desired outcome adds to mental satisfaction.

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