All of the great aspects of military life are represented in Warrensburg, from education through military service and into retirement.

Reserve Officer Training Corps

The University of Central Missouri offers a star-studded Army Reserve Officer Training Corps.

In addition to the ROTC, UCM’s reputation as a school that serves active and retired military members is growing with the Office of Military and Veterans Services. The office offers a safe, secure and supportive environment in which to transition to college life in ways that include connections with fellow military and veteran students. Learn more about office services at

National Guard Armory

For those in the National Guard, the National Guard Armory, 343 E. Gay St., provides a training center to keep citizen soldiers ready to serve their country.

The armory also acts as a home to multiple back-to-school events that draw the community together.

Whiteman Air Force Base

Whiteman Air Force Base, home of the B-2 stealth bomber, is 15 miles east of Warrensburg. It is a world-class location for active-duty and reserve personnel in the Air Force and Army.

The base will also soon be home to the B-21 Raider. The B-21 is expected to begin to replace the B-2 in the mid-2020s.

Team Whiteman provides strategic deterrence, global power and support to combat and joint force commanders anytime, anywhere. The B-2 stealth bomber is able to leave Whiteman and fly nonstop to deliver ordinance anywhere on the planet, something demonstrated when necessary.

The B-2 is also featured at numerous sporting events and other large gatherings throughout the country.

When troops are on the ground, the A-10 Thunderbolt II can fly low, with pilots able to distinguish who is who to take out enemy combatants.

The base, with Air Force and Army personnel, has other significant missions that individually and combined make Whiteman a gem in the national defense crown.

Whiteman also is a source for fun. Thousands converge on the base for the biannual air show Wings Over Whiteman. The next show will be in 2019.

Base members live and participate in Warrensburg’s civic life. They join community groups and churches and are critical to the success of many activities, from beautifying Children’s Memorial Gardens to planting flags on every veteran’s grave on Memorial Day.

Veterans organizations

Warrensburg is home to American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars organizations. These groups offer like-minded men and women places where they can share interests, and the groups provide civic services, such as supporting youth baseball and event facilities.

Warrensburg also is home to a Veterans Affairs Community-Based Outpatient Clinic at 702 E. Young St. The 10,000 square-foot, $2 million clinic includes an optometrist and audiologist to serve eligible veterans. For details, call (816) 861-4700, ext. 54281.

Older veterans can find an expert and caring environment at the Missouri Veterans Home in Warrensburg, which is recognized nationally. Learn more at

The genuine appreciation shown for military service and the amenities offered demonstrate Warrensburg is a military-friendly community not just in words, but through action and available services.

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