Warrensburg city government is led by a city manager, Harold Stewart II, who answers to an elected, five-member City Council.

The city manager’s job is to oversee the city’s daily operations. City department heads – including the police and fire chiefs, public works and human relations – answer to the city manager, who in turn answers to the City Council.

Council elections are held annually, on a rotating basis, and members serve three-year terms.

A council member may serve two terms, a total of six years, and then is term-limited off the council. However, after sitting out for a term, a council member may run again, which has happened several times in Warrensburg.

In April, Bryan Jacobs became the city’s mayor. He is assisted by Mayor Pro-Tem Danielle Johnston, Councilwoman Robin Allen, Councilman Bob Watts and Councilman Casey Lund.

The position of mayor is not one the public elects directly, as occurs in many other communities. Instead, whoever sits in the mayor’s seat is elected by the members of the council, which is how Jacobs received the seat.

Under the city manager form of government, as practiced in Warrensburg, council members receive reports from the city manager, department heads and occasionally from service providers. A service provider might give a report to the city, for example, when an independent auditor completes the annual city audit, or a contractor is asked to do a specific job, such as erecting the city gateway sign that welcomes visitors to the community.

Reports provided to the council come at public meetings. Community members are welcome to attend all public meetings to hear such reports.

The public also is invited to call City Hall to have their names placed on the council’s meeting agenda. By doing so, the public can bring issues or noteworthy information that requires action to the council’s attention.

The City Council meets in regular public sessions at 7 p.m. on the second and fourth Monday of each month. Meetings take place at Warrensburg Municipal Center, 102 S. Holden St., across from City Hall.

For more information about Warrensburg City Council meetings, or for general information about city operations, call (660) 747-9131.

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