Last fall our Leadership Team felt we needed to address the outdated appearance of the inside and outside of our facilities.

After much prayer and planning, we launched our Love Life campaign on Feb. 15 with an all church banquet.

We received nearly $30,000 in commitments at the banquet and currently have received nearly $25,000 in contributions, which is very significant for a church our size.

Then, COVID-19 hit our world and we suspended our gatherings for 90 days.

In June, we began to address these issues on the inside. At first, we threw out and gave away dumpster loads of outdated and unused items. That was quite fun.

Then we started in on the remodel. We have enlarged our lobby, updated our walls and floors and improved the appearance of our entire facility. With the new floors and newly painted walls, it is looking beautiful.

We have made several improvements outside as well.

We are also hoping to paint the outside of our building and resurface our parking lot.

We have nearly finished the inside. There is still some furniture to put in place and some trim work that needs to be completed.

Two of our parishioners, Eugene Stillman and Ricky Clifton, have been working nearly nonstop for three full months — probably around 400 donated hours by each man. Scott and Sarah Chenault have also given us many hours of their time. Jeff and Rose Blaize and their son, Josh, have completely renovated our children’s department.

What an enormous blessing all these people have been to our church family.

Ellen Blaize, Becky Dilley and Sarah Chenault have been our interior design team. Many others have contributed their time, too.

Although we have spent all that has been contributed, we have written for a grant to help us complete the outside.

One of our members said to me recently, “Our facility looks loved.”

It really does.

We are thankful to God for his provision and grateful to those in our congregation for helping us accomplish what has been completed.

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