Beginning in 2018, the Daily Star-Journal joined forces with local churches to create a weekly Reflections page in the Friday edition of the DSJ.

There are currently nine churches that participate.

However, we are not limited to just that many participating.

If your church wants to participate, beginning in 2020, email and we will get you plugged in.

If you elect to participate, here is what we are looking for when it is your turn.

• A column from the pastor. You don’t have to write it yourself if you want someone on your staff to write it, as long as you are comfortable putting your name on it. The column can be sermon notes organized into a cohesive written format or it can be your take on a topic in the community or a topic in society. That’s really at your discretion. Columns should be 600 to 700 words in length. We also need a photo head shot of you to run with the column.

• Promotional content. If you have special events coming up in the next four to six weeks, you can promote them in story format here. They can be community outreach events, church events or special programs.

• Coverage of events you’ve had in the past four to six weeks. A recap of the events with photos is definitely appropriate.

You really can cover a lot of stuff each time, as a page is a lot of space to fill. Also, feel free to send photos to go with the articles.

Stories and columns should be in a regular word processor format (Word works well for us but is not a requirement). If you need to just copy and paste into an email to send us, that’s fine too.

Photos should be in JPG format (please don’t send photos embedded in Word documents). The photos should be a resolution of 300 pixels/inch at a size of at least 10 inches. If it’s a horizontal photo, at least 10 inches wide. If it’s a vertical photo, 10 inches tall. We also need to know the names of the people in each photo so we can run that as per policy.

If you want to send along a logo to represent the church, that would work also.

As for the deadline, we need the content by the end of day Tuesday of the week you are responsible for the page.

For further questions, contact Derek Brizendine at (660) 747-8123.

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