There’s a lot of talent in our world.

As a lover of history I always enjoy learning how certain things came about at just the right time because of just the right circumstances.

For every particular success that we know of, how many more incredible, talented people are we unaware of?

For every one major contribution to human society, how many more incredible civil and professional servants do you and I know nothing of?

There’s a lot of talent in our world, but not many opportunities.

Let’s make more opportunities.

That is what, in part, Black History Month means to me.

Let us learn about and celebrate unique contributions under the awareness that in 2020 America, access to opportunity is still largely unavailable to so many.

Let us recognize that there is still so much work to be done in order for us to live out the reality of what it means to be one human race.

You see, as a Christian, I believe the Bible is God’s instruction and guidance for our lives.

And the Bible says that in Jesus Christ all barriers between different ethnicities have been broken down.

In Jesus, man and woman, black and white, old and young, blue- and white-collar, have been given a new identity, that is, in Christ.

If you’re following me, well then Google Ephesians 2, and read how Jesus has secured our forgiveness from sin so that we may now be all one brother and sisterhood together in Him.

And so, this month, as we take the much-needed time to reflect on the amazing stories and contributions of so many African Americans, let us resolve to make those paths to success even wider.

Talk to people of different ethnicities, learn about their experiences.

Read books by authors of different perspectives.

Consider how you could simply pursue a just world for people of every color and ethnic heritage.

Patrick Edwards, Ph.D. is the lead pastor/elder of First Baptist Church Warrensburg.

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