Bethlehem Lutheran Church members attend the National Youth Gathering

Abby Humphrey and Angela Kollbaum attend the National Youth Gathering in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Bethlehem Lutheran Church members recently attended the National Youth Gathering from July 11 through 15 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

We were blessed with amazing weather and a wonderful week of fellowship, Bible study, laughter and fun.

Many of our youth had never been to Minneapolis or even Minnesota.

We enjoyed time together as we attended breakout sessions about dating, relationship drama, helping our neighbors when there isn’t a disaster, living out our faith in a dark world and a variety of others.

The youth enjoyed Micah Parker and Sam Dekker, among many other speakers who spoke openly about their faith, as well as struggles and triumphs of living as a Christian in a sin fallen world.

We enjoyed concerts by Toby Mac and I Am They and there were many laughs with the Skit Guys.

The Mass Events were moving and most commented on how cool it was to worship and commune with so many other youth who believe the same as we do.

It was pretty amazing when we said the Apostles Creed and sang, “A Mighty Fortress” together — all 25,000 of us.

We are so thankful for every prayer, word of support and monetary gift that made the National Youth Gathering a reality for us.Angela Kollbaumis the congregational life facilitator at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, 607 N. Maguire St.

Angela Kollbaumis the congregational life facilitator at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, 607 N. Maguire St.

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