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Parenting is hard.

Most parents today feel like they are overwhelmed or even drowning as they try to raise their kids in the ever-changing world we live in.

Parenting strategies that were used by our own parents seem to no longer be effective at meeting the needs of our children.

This leads to our generation searching for answers on how to lead our families.

When Amy and I moved to Warrensburg this summer, we sought an opportunity to partner with a church who desires to empower and equip parents and families to raise their children according to God’s plan.

Over the past 15 years of working with students and their families, I’ve seen we are best able to reach our children with the Gospel when they are surrounded by a multitude of godly influences in their lives.

God’s word teaches us where there is no planning failure comes, but there is an abundance of wisdom in the council of many (Proverbs 11:14).

When our children are surrounded by many wise voices in their lives, they are more likely to hear and understand who God has called them to be.

This was the case for my life, too.

As a child, I grew up in a Christian home and experienced the blessing of being surrounded by a solid church family.

My parents sought to raise me according to God’s word and were constant voices of truth in my life, but I wasn’t always ready to listen to their voices in my life.

They were blessed to be able to benefit from other voices coming alongside them speaking to me in unison with God’s word.

While the message and content were not different, the repetition and the new voices allowed me to truly hear and respond to God’s calling in my life.

At First Baptist Church Warrensburg, I desire to be a part of leading the family ministry to provide the same opportunities for the families in our community.

By God’s grace, we can help support the parents and families around us by ensuring a caring environment for their children where they are surrounded by godly men and women who are investing in their children, as well as providing resources, support and encouragement for parents.

Together, as an abundance of wise counselors, we can help prepare our children for serving Jesus, our community and the world.

Lee White is the family pastor at First Baptist Church Warrensburg.

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