Marriage Licenses

The Johnson County Recorder’s Office has issued marriage licenses to:

Rodney Eugene Rehkop and Kayla Rachelle Krewson, both of Warrensburg;

Jasper Dewayne Smith and Haili Alexandria Alley, both of Kingsville;

Hunter James Malcombe, Knob Noster, and Kylie Mechel Lacombe,Youngsville, Louisianna;

Alexander Scott Barton and Kendall Faith Boeve, both of Knob Noster;

Joshua Campbell Leach and Emma Lee Rademacher, both of Centerview;

Logan Ray Peters and Kinadie Jean Jones, both of Warrensburg;

Ryan Grant Hedglin, Holden, and Megan Christine Whitsitt, Kingsville;

Luke Chandler Boston, Hanover, Kansas, and Sarah Marie Halfhide, Warrensburg;

Jonathan Michael Clements and Alexandria Lee Talbert, both of Warrensburg;

Melissa Annette Morrison, Kansas City, and Roneisha Aannette Le Quay Wyle, Knob Noster;

Orlanda Michael Sample and Annie Marie Crawford, both of Knob Noster;

Dalton Michael Stroup and Aubrie Noelle VVaughn, both of Warrensburg;

Derek Allen Kuecker and Holland Taylor Turnquist, both of Warrensburg;

Brendon Gauge Gosnell and Fallon Nichole Priest, both of Warrensburg;

Adam Jeffrey Shike and Morgan Ann Coomer, both of Warrensburg;

Jordan Robert Wilkes, Jacksonville, Florida, and Dawn Kirsten Stewart, Warrensburg;

James Craig Madsen and Raven Ciera Abbott, both of Warrensburg;

Jamie Scott Rasberry and Kristen Marie Main, both of Leeton;

Brandon Alan Colwell and Serena Lynne Shaw, both of Warrensburg;

Michael Ray Fuentes, Warrensburg, and Lauren Avery Moore Greer, Knob Noster;

Jorge Andres Herrera Arias, Medellin, Colombia, and Jordanne Marie Nagle, Warrensburg;

Bryan Edward Stevens Jr. and Rhonda Marie Simmons, Warrensburg; and

Collin Alexander Griffin and Jordan Ashley Milne, Warrensburg.

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