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KANSAS CITY — The 2019 MIAA football season is nearing its start, with the first set of games slated for Thursday, Sept. 5.

Here is a quick glance at what each team brings into the latest football season.

The order of teams is determined by the 2019 MIAA Coaches Poll.

1. Fort Hays State (6) — 114 points

Quotable — “Chance (Fuller) is a sophomore quarterback, but he is playing like a senior quarterback right now. The amount of leadership he has shown in the last year it’s been great.” — Fort Hays wide receiver Layne Biberle on Tigers quarterback Chance Fuller.

Last year’s record — 9-3, NCAA Playoffs 1st Round

Starters Returning/Lost — 14/8

Key Returners — Chance Fuller, QB, 92-141 completions-attempts, 1,185 yards, 7-4 TD-INT; Tanner Hoekman, 75 tackles, 45 solo, 30 assisted; Dante Brown, K/P, 28-33 FG, 39-40 PAT, 41.4 punt average.

2. Northwest Missouri (5) — 112 points

Quotable — “Braden’s development is profound. Going into last season he was a red-shirt freshman, had never even played in a college football game, had never taken a snap under center. Just to have gone through the season… You can just see how he carries himself in the complex, he is a different kid,” Northwest head coach Rich Wright on the development of returning quarterback Braden Wright.

Last year’s record — 10-3 (NCAA Playoffs — 2nd Round)

Starters Returning/Lost — 14/10

Key Returners — Braden Wright, QB, 211-373, 2,596 yards, 24-7 TD-INT; Isaiah Strayhorn, RB, 136-874 ATT-YDs, 7 TD; Jackson Barnes, LB, 53 tackles, 25 solo, 28 assists.

3. Pittsburg State (1) — 97 points

Quotable — “We are in a position where we are going to play a young quarterback. … We have four quarterbacks that are all either sophomores or freshman, so we will be playing a young quarterback, but the good thing is we have a pretty good, experienced offensive line and tightend that will make that transition easier on him.” — Pittsburg State head coach Tim Beck on the Gorillas quarterback job.

Last year’s record — 8-3

Starters Returning — 7 offense, 6 defense

Key Returners — B.J. Bradbury, QB, 21-36 256 yards 4-3 TD-INT; Ryler Adkins, RB, 168 carries, 900 yards, seven TDs; Simanu’a Thomas, DL, 13.5 tackles for loss.

4. Central Oklahoma — 90 points

Quotable — “On paper, we should be pretty good, we’ll see if we can keep from screwing that up as coaches.” Central Oklahoma head coach Nick Bobeck said.

Last year’s record — 8-4, won Heart of Texas Bowl 41-34 over Angelo State.

Starters Returning/Lost — 12/12

Key Returners — Will Collins, QB, 127-198 completions to attempts, 1,759 yards, 14-4 TD-INT; Dustin Basks, WR, 67 receptions, 909 yards, 7 TDs; O’Shay Harris, 74 tackles, 53 solo, 21 unassisted, 10 tackles for loss.

5. Central Missouri — 80 points

Quotable — “It helped my mental game a lot. It’s helped me read defenses, read coverages better. ...I got to play spring ball this year, so I helped out with the younger receiving core so it helped me become a better leader.” — Central Missouri quarterback Brook Bolles on what he learned spending a season injured.

Last year’s record — 5-6

Starters Returning/Lost — 15/7

Key Returners — Brook Bolles, QB, 242-430 competitions-attempts, 3,766 yards, 23-12 TD-INT (2017 stats); Devante Turner, RB, 141 attempts, 718 yards, 7 TDs;John Embrey, LB, 91 tackles, 45 solo, 46 assisted, 9.5 tackles for loss.

6. Emporia State — 73 points

Quotable — “Going into this year, it’s a little bit of uncharted territory for us. We are going to be replacing a very good player in Braxton Marstall at the starting quarterback spot. We lost a lot of offensive production, the most since I’ve been here in my twelve years, but at the same time, we have the most experience coming back on defense since I’ve been here.” — Emporia State head coach Garin Higgins on his team going into 2019

Last year’s record — 8-4, Corsicana Bowl champions

Starters Returning/Lost — 13/9

Key Returners — Kai Callins, RB, 73 carries, 335 yards, one TD; Jace McDown, 127 tackles, 79 solo, 48 assists; Parker Bass, XX, 12.5 tackles for a loss, 6.5 sacks.

7. Missouri Western — 57 points

Quotable — “It was huge last season getting an opportunity (to play in a bowl game). ...It was just a little taste of where our program is going and where we want to go as a team.” Missouri Western offensive lineman Hayden Eatinger on the momentum the Griffons bring into the 2019 season.

Last year’s record — 7-5, won Live United Bowl

Starters Returning/Lost — 12/12

Key Returners — Shamar Griffith, RB, 103 attempts, 665 yards, 4 TDs; Anthony Williams, LB, 94 tackles, 54 solo, 40 assisted, Tyler Baska, DL, 9.5 tackles for a loss, 3.5 sacks.

8. Washburn — 54 points

Quotable — “Pressure has never really been a thing for me. Pressure has been there, but I’ve never really felt. ...At the end of the day, it’s doing the same thing I’ve been doing for a really long time.” — Washburn defensive back Josh Wright on taking over for Corey Ballentine, who is now in the NFL.

Last year’s record — 5-6

Starters Returning/Lost — 12/12

Key Returners — Mitch Schurig, QB, 141-242 completions -attempts, 1,904 yards, 17-9 TD-INT; Hunter Browing, RB, 85 carries, 376 yards, two TDs; Landen Urban, DT, 43 tackles 16 solo, 27 assisted, 6 tackles for loss.

9. Nebraska Kearney — 46 points

Quotable — “I’ve always considered UNK, going into my third season, we’ve always kind of been the team in the stands watching everybody else play and in regards to that, we are looking to hopefully change that as we move forward,” Nebraska-Kearney head coach Josh Lynn said on the Lopers going into the 2019 season.

Last year’s record — 5-6

Starters Returning/Lost — 14/11

Key Returners — Alex McGinnis, QB, 100-200 completions -attempts, 1,363 yards, 6-7 TD-INT; Darrius Webb, RB, 162 carries, 998 yards, 10 TDs; Sal Silvio, LB, 108 tackles, 55 solo, 53 assisted, three forced fumbles.

10. Missouri Southern — 34 points

Quotable — “He holds us to a standard where we work hard, nothing less. He helps us finish every workout we do.” Shemar Coleman, Missouri Southern running back, on new head coach Jeff Sims.

Last year’s record — 1-10

Starters Returning/Lost — 9/16

Key Returners — Sean Kelly, QB, 106-217, 883, 0-9; Dalton James, RB, 195 attempts, 739 yards, 2 TD; John Ejizu, S, 61 tackles, 37 solo, 24 assisted.

11. Northeastern State — 23 points

Quotable — “It’s a unique deal. … It’s not one of those deals where you are walking off the field waiting for a script of things that need to get fixed, but I think it is always great when you have the ability to bounce some ideas off someone who has coached at the college level for as long as he did,” Northeastern State head coach J.J. EEckert on having his father Tom Eckert, a coach at NSU for 16, to help out.

Last year’s record — 0-11

Starters Returning/Lost — 12/10

Key Returners — Craig Davis, RB/KR, 379 yards, 3 TDs; Jean Bazile, DB, 99 tackles, 54 solo, 45 assisted.

12. Lincoln — 12 points

Quotable — “It is one of the toughest conferences in Division II and I’ve been making that statement for the past two months. Arguably, it’s one of the two best in Division II.” — Lincoln head coach Malik Hoskins on rejoining the MIAA.

Last year’s record — 3-8 in Great Lakes Valley Conference

Starters Returning/Lost — 10/12

Key Returners — A’Jani Johnson, WR, 22 receptions, 247 yards; Hosea Franklin, RB, 50 attempts, 216 yards; Hasan Muhammend-Rogers, S, 57 total, 31 solo, 26 assisted.

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