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There’s a peculiar indifference in White America when it comes to the lives of Blacks in our country.

The senseless death of George Floyd, a Black man from Minnesota, is the latest example of this indifference.

Anyone viewing this horrific tape, showing bystanders pleading for the life of George Floyd, could clearly see the peculiar indifference this White officer had for Mr. Floyd’s life.

This indifference is foundational and deeply embedded in American culture.

It’s drenched in America’s “peculiar institution” of slavery and has been cultivated over centuries with no laws sufficient to affect the lack of moral conscious of White America, vis-à-vis, Black lives.

In 1899, W.E.B. Dubois, a Black social-scientist wrote in his book, "The Philadelphia Negro," “The most difficult social problem in the matter of negro health is the peculiar attitude of the nation toward the well-being of the race." He further noted, “there have been few other cases in the history of civilized peoples were human suffering has been viewed with such peculiar indifference."

While the four officers involved were quickly fired for their actions, our history shows it’s doubtful they will be held legally accountable commensurate with their offense.

Our justice system is by and large, controlled by White America.

If this happened consistently in the White community, would something be done?

Of course. It continues to happen to Blacks, and White America's peculiar indifference is why.

They really don’t care.

At least not enough to do anything about it.

James Tuggle,

Knob Noster

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Thank you for sharing your views. I appreciate your cultural perspective. I like the simple prudence you used to explore a complex paradox. The freedom fighter and Black writer James Baldwin refers to the enslavement of African people as a "peculiar institution."

I believe nothing will change for American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS) unless, and until, America dismantles the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Electoral College and Two-Party (Democratic and Republican) System.

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