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New Casey’s plan is good for Warrensburg

My letter is in response to an article written by Sara Lawson (“Casey’s redevelopment plan concerns neighboring residents,” Aug. 9).

I felt the need to respond to several of the comments and/or quotes in the article.

I own the building at 201 N. Maguire St., and I’m a resident of Warrensburg.

I can understand people having questions, but I can’t understand the city in any way being against this project.

This section of Maguire (which already has a gas station) is in very poor condition. There is really no nice way to say it; it looks dirty, rundown, just rough.

Cleaning up the area and putting in a nice Casey will only increase property values. This will also improve our busiest street’s appearance.

Warrensburg has been very fortunate and should be thanking businesses along Maguire — Marriott, Chipotle, Insight Eyecare, Central MO Community Credit Union and several others — for improvements as well.

Please try to remember what part of Maguire looked like before some of those businesses move in.

I would have to call into question any council member voting against the project. The city is not going to improve this section of Maguire.

We are looking to upgrade an older rundown gas station store with a newer, modern, cleaner gas station store, not to mention there will be several more jobs created.

I also believe if our state senator (who I like and voted for) lived anywhere else, he would be very much in the favor of this project.

J. David Sheehan,


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I agree that the Casey's will improve the street. I fail to understand the objection when, if I understand the plan, is to leave the strip of mature trees . How does one gas station being replaced by a newer nicer looking gas station have that big of an negative impact on a houses price that is not even on the same street as the gas station.

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