STOCK_Letter to editor

Citizens of Warrensburg, please repeat after me: "The City of Warrensburg prohibits the sale and use of fireworks without an operational permit."

This may seem tiresome to repeat, but apparently a lot of our fine citizens aren't aware of this law. It's part of our Fire Code, which may explain why Warrensburg's finest don't seem to enforce it.

Every year, me and my cat have to endure the antics of near neighbors firing off various flash-bangs at all hours of the day and night, starting around the first of July and ending whenever they feel like it. This year, the fireworks were still being lit even on Sunday, July 7. Now, I get it — we had some stormy weather, so the Fourth was a no-go for the big display, and it was too wet for any but the hardiest folks to be firing off those cherry bombs; but really, could you not have found someplace outside the city limits to have your noisy fun? Especially since even one errant bottle rocket can still set something on fire, rain or no rain?

And it got a bit ugly when some rude vandal decided to fling a string of lit firecrackers at the open back door of one of the restaurants next door to me. The resulting multiple bangs were so loud that my poor cat sprang off the bed and dove under it — I was about to yell, "INCOMING!" and follow him!

Here is the deal, folks. Some of us have to work. Some of us feel unsafe with all the fiery projectiles being sent up willy-nilly — I mean, what comes up must come down, and a spent skyrocket may not land where you expect it to. And what about all the trash? Are you going and picking up the debris you sent into the neighbor's yard?

And quite honestly, some of us dread the fact that our pets are going to be super jittery for at least a day or two following the lighting of the final firecracker.

So please, Warrensburgers, don't light off your personal fireworks in the city. Go to a public display, or take the pyrotechnic stuff out to Monkey Mountain.

My cat says, "Thank you."

Lisa Gulick


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