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Last week was an absolute privilege for me.

I spent very little time in my office last week as the Missouri Veterans Home — Warrensburg was my home away from home for the week.

I commend the home for its Branch of Service Week that took place Monday, Nov. 4, through Saturday, Nov. 9.

Every day built off the next.

I have covered my fair share of stories and events at the MVHW but I have never seen the veterans at the home as excited as they were last week.

They showed pride in not only their own branch, but pride in each of the other branches as well.

There was buzz each day about not only the events at hand but also for what was coming up later in the week.

This week was perfect lead up to the 100th anniversary of Veterans Day on Monday, Nov. 11.

There was just no way to pack as much as the home did last week into a one-hour service.

It just would not have done the celebration justice.

I got to hear stories last week from veterans about their time in the service and I got to see a community really rally around those that served to protect us.

While the celebration was great, I do not believe it should stop there.

Their honor, service and sacrifice should be praised every day.

It was really cool for me to see people come from throughout the city, state and country to celebrate the Branch of Service Week.

I saw outside veterans answer the call to make sure veterans inside the home got to celebrate their day in a proper manner.

Young and old, the support shown was tremendous.

I can’t say thank you enough to these men and women whom we celebrated with last week and honored again on Monday.

I hope you enjoyed your week of celebration as much as I did.

Managing Editor of Digital Publishing Derek Brizendine can be reached by emailing, by calling (660) 747-8123 or on Twitter at @DerekBrizendine.

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