Selected items from September 1989

• Chris Evert became the first player to win 100 matches at the US Open Tennis Championships on the 1st.

• In the Sept. 6 “Peanuts,” Sally Brown was waiting for the school bus and said, “First day of school and I’ve already learned something.” Pigpen asked what. “You can’t fit a hard sandwich into a lunch box.”

• A writer to Ann Landers on the 21st warned of the dangers of eating and driving.

• Playing on the air that month was Bette Midler’s “Wind Beneath My Wings.” It was Billboard’s record of the year and won an Emmy.

Local items from September 1989

• An ad from Hotz Business Solutions had a ream of paper for $3.50 and highlighted their FAX service on the 6th.

• On the 7th, Julia Stubbs, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Roy Stubbs, Warrensburg, wed Adam Levy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Levy of Lawrence, New York.

• Sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, the Fall Festival was held downtown on the 9th. There was something for everyone: kiddie rides and games, antique car show, stage shows that included the Kitchen Kiatter Band, dancers from Michelle’s Dance Studio and the Narrow Road Band.

• A consultant reported to the county’s Steering Council on the 22nd that an additional $16.8 million was needed for road improvements beyond the Missouri Department of Transportation allocations. Warrensburg City Manager Jeff Hancock asked why that did not include money for Highway 13 through Warrensburg.

Personal perspective for September 1989

We had accepted two goals found in “two lasting bequests we can give our children: one of them is roots, the other, wings.” In a 1953 book, editor Hodding Carter said he heard the saying from a woman.

The wings part became particularly relevant on our daughter Rhae’s 16th birthday. She had little driving instructions beyond using a riding mower. So, we were surprised when that day, with the help of a friend, she came home with her driver’s license.

The suddenness of it caught Sara and me off guard. We were not completely ready for her to have those wings but soon we realized that her having them gave us a new freedom to fly.

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