Selected Items from September 1995

• On the sixth, the Ethics Committee of the Senate voted 6-0 to recommend the expulsion of Oregon Senator Bob Packwood. The 62-year-old senator denied all charges of his misconduct. However, overnight, given the evidence against him recorded by him in his journals, he decided it was best for him to resign.

• The Cleveland Indians clinched first place in the American League’s Central Division on the eighth. They were 27 ½ games ahead of the Kansas City Royals. The lead broke a record set in 1902 by the Pittsburgh Pirates.

• Sixteen-year-old Jennifer Moore of Warrensburg received $100 when she won the Novice Barrels Class at the Woman’s Rodeo Association competition on the eighth.

• On the tenth, Warrensburg driver John Brooks took his 13th Street-Stock checkered flag at Central Missouri Speedway.

• Greg Maddux, playing for the Atlanta Braves on the 16th, recorded his 17th consecutive victory. He went on that year to win the Cy Young award, his fourth in a row. At an early age, Maddux’s father had encouraged his interest in baseball.

Personal Perspective for September 1995

Although I didn’t know the term at the time, my mother encouraged me to develop an enlightened self-interest. But, the concept did not actually find a home with me until a mess sergeant at Fort Lewis stressed that I could be in his kitchen forever if I didn’t get those pots and pans cleaned and in their proper place.

After that, denying myself today for a better life in the future became routine. Then, a psychology professor gave me the term. Don’t you know, I became an advocate? Well, I did for a few years.

Somehow, as we began classes that fall, I decided there was a compelling need for me to introduce the concept to an increasing number of students. I do believe that understanding the concept contributed to the growth of many of them.

This month, as I walk about the campus and see students returning, wearing their masks, I know they have the concept. However, as I read about the students partying on SEC and ACC campuses, I think they need an hour with that Fort Lewis mess sergeant. Don’t they realize they could cost us the football season?

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