Selected items from October 1999

• A couple was planning their anniversary celebration menu with Blondie in the cartoon script on the 1st. Except, his plan was to go fishing that day. Blondie was confused. “How do you think we’ve stayed married that long?” asked the wife.

• Celebrating wedding anniversaries that month: Sigourney Weaver and Jim Simpson, their 15th on the 1st; Spike Lee and Tanya Lynette Lewis, their sixth on the 2nd; Diana Ross and Arne Neass, their 14th on the 23rd (they were divorced the next year).

• On the 7th, Donald Trump formed an exploratory committee to help determine if he should run for president on the Reform Party ticket.

• The solution to the “Cryptoquote” puzzle for Oct. 14 was: “It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.” — Theodore Roosevelt

Local items from October 1999

• Katie Scherer and Joanie Dillion lead the Crest Ridge Volleyball team to a sweep of the six matches to win the I-70 Conference Title on the 9th. Crest Ridge did not lose a set.

• The following were among couples celebrating wedding anniversaries with friends and family that month: Mr. and Mrs. Willie Tate, their 50th on the 16th at the First Baptist Church; Deloris and Larry Culbertson, their 40th on the 17th at the Community Center; and Cledys and Cleo Markley, their 50th at the Elks Lodge.

• It was announced on the 18th that Kristina Warlen of Chilhowee had been selected for inclusion in “Who’s Who in High School.”

Personal perspective for October 1999

The couple in “Blondie” maintained their relationship by avoiding conflict. Avoiding conflicts generally does not produce long-term relationships.

Most couples who survive to celebrate 40 or more years of marriage typically develop a complementary relationship. For a complementary couple, the strengths of one person compensate for the weaknesses of the other. Most often, the phrase “opposites attract” describes the pair. Conflicts are resolved by each person making the decisions in her or his area of control.

You may have heard the joke, “I make all the big decisions in our marriage; my wife makes all the small ones. I decide what jobs to take, which truck to buy; she decides everything else.” It’s just an example.

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