Selected items from November 1984

• On Nov. 5, Ann Landers published letters in response to a view she had written about the implication of the ear in which a man wore an earring. In each response, the writer contradicted Landers’ explanation, but each also gave a different reason the man wore his earring where he did.

• A study, reported on the 13th, found that the teenage suicide rate had tripled over the last 20 years.

Some local items from November 1984

• The Warrensburg Marching Machine, under the direction of Richard Waller, assisted by Doyle Edwards, won first place in the Tournament of Champions held at El Paso, Texas, during the first weekend of the month.

• On Nov. 4, Jeffrey M. Floyd, age 11, was found dead at his home by friends who had been playing with him shortly prior to their going for a walk in the woods to the south of their homes. County Coroner C. L. Holdren ruled the death an accident.

• Sarah Baile, a graduate of Warrensburg High School and a student at what is now the University of Central Missouri, was selected for inclusion in “Who’s Who in America’s College and University,” as reported on the 14th.

• On the 27th, William F. Buckley Jr., noted columnist and host of the TV show “Firing Line,” spoke at what is now UCM. He explained many of the misunderstandings in the United States were a result of a “hyperbolic imperative,” which prompted extreme interpretations. He linked these interpretations to an “ideology of sorrow,” which leads us to forget that Americans enjoy many things available to few others in the world.

Personal perspective for November 1984

Like a pebble in a lake, the death of Jeff Floyd was a bounder in a pond of Warrensburg. Many in our community knew the Floyds from their service as well as their professional and social activities.

It is impossible even to imagine the emotional shock and blow felt by parents with the sudden death of a vibrant young lad. Still, that shock was experienced across the city. It affected many lives. Jeff’s friends became closer even in their diverse groups even as he had been an individual of diverse interests and talents.

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