Selected items from November 2014

• On the 11th, International Animal Rescue saved two orangutans whose lives were endangered by a fire that was set to clear land for a palm-tree plantation in Indonesia.

• The online Pets and Critters Nook on the 28th discussed the amazing behavior of animals. It told of an elephant at a resort in Thailand. The elephant was taking a little girl for a ride along a river when the elephant, sensing approaching danger, left the river and went to shelter. As the elephant and the passenger reached safety, a tornado ripped down the river from which they had just left.

Some local items from November 2014

• Mayor Donna DeFrain along with approximately 150 others helped launch the opening of the Veterans Affairs Community Based Outpatient Clinic at PCA Road and East Business Highway 50 on the 19th.

• Shirley and Lowell Schmidli celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on the 18th at the Community Center in Leeton. They were married at Warrensburg First Baptist Church.

• The Career Expo at the University of Central Missouri set a record on the 20th. In attendance were 177 employers. Ken Schneller, director of career development service, saw the growth as an indication of economic recovery.

Personal perspective for November 2014

The dapple cat had come to our door from the field to our west before that November. With five cats, I refused to give him a name, hoping not to feel obligated. We first got him to the vet in November 2007. The vet called him “The Little Dapple.”

In September of this year, The Dapple got a growth on his nose. It was cancer. The vet said when he stopped eating, it would be time to put him down. The vet said that would likely happen in a couple of weeks.

Weeks passed and he went into the field in the morning and came home for petting at evening. He lost weight, but he was still making an effort to consume moist food on the last day we saw him.

In the beginning, we did not want him; in the end, we wanted him to return.

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