Selected items from November 1979

• On the 1st, in her column, Erma Bombeck explained why Americans were so grumpy: We had 217 million people and 138 million cars but only 28,000 legal parking places.

• In the “Born Loser” strip on the 7th, the father told the son to express himself clearly since repeating one’s self was a sign of stupidity. Then, the father added, “I’ve had to tell you this over and over.”

• The Missouri Department of Conservation reported on the 7th that prospects for quail hunters were poor in most of the state. Quail populations were largest in northwest Missouri and the lower Ozarks.

Some local items from November 1979

• An ad on the 2nd from the American Legion on West Business Highway 50 offered all-one-could-eat stag-hog fries and beverage for $5.

• Schimmel’s IGA in the North Park Shopping Center ran an ad on the 3rd: chuck roast, 97 cents a pound; grade A eggs, 69 cents a dozen; Campbell’s tomato soup, five cans for $1; Fresh Maid bread, four loaves for 98 cents.

• After defeating Clinton High 25-7 and winning the conference on the 2nd, expectations were high that the Warrensburg Tigers football team would make the state tournament. Led by Robin Fisher, Jeff Bozarth and Guy Albert on offense and Wesley Martin, Mark Irle and Scott Sappington on defense, the team had a 9-0 record with one game remaining on their regular season. Then, on the 9th, the team cemented their invitation to state by defeating Odessa High 41-6.

Personal perspective for November 1979

We enjoyed our new home that fall. A covey of quail lived in the brush along the fence row to our west. We enjoyed seeing them going to our pond occasionally.

We enjoyed seeing the Tigers win a couple of games as Sara had a faculty pass. The team going to the state tournament was treated as a holiday for the ‘Burg.

Mostly, we enjoyed building a fire on the hill after having to drive there for years. We fixed hot dogs and s’mores. With the new house, it was nice not to worry about forgetting some of the fixings and to have a bathroom when needed.

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