Selected items from November 1999

• The 6th (11061999) and 11th (11111999) provided “upside down” dates. They were the last until Jan. 1, 6000 (01066000).

• With the help of Russian technology, China launched the first Shenzhou Spacecraft on the 19th. The multistage rocket provided the basis for China’s first missile containing a crew.

• Tenor Andrew Bocelli released “Sacred Arias” on the 18th. It would become the best-selling classical album by a single artist.

• On the 20th, quarterback Tim Hasselbeck passed Boston College to a 31-29 win over Notre Dame in football’s “Holy Wars.”

Some local items from November 1999

• On the 4th, Jennies volleyball defeated Emporia State in three sets to win another MIAA Championship for head coach Peggy Martin. The Jennies had an overall record of 14-1.

• Director of forensics for the Talking Mules, Dr. Harold Lawson, 56, died on Nov. 6. He had directed the team to a national debate championship and over 300 awards during the previous season.

• Jennies soccer lost to Truman State by a score of 1-0 on the 7th in what was the first MIAA Championship game. Head coach Al Iantorno praised the team for a successful season.

• State Sen. Harold Caskey spoke to the faculty and staff at what is now the University of Central Missouri on the 18th. He felt optimistic about future funding for higher education in the state but still saw the likelihood of increased tuition.

Personal perspective for November 1999

That morning, I went directly to the Martin TV studios from where my distant-learning class was broadcast. So, it was mid-morning, on the way to my office in the forensic suite, that someone asked, “You’ve heard about Lawson?” It took no time to learn that everyone was already busy performing Harold’s duties.

I went to my office expecting visits from the team members who were my principal concern at that moment. They did stop by. They were coping well enough, it appeared. I did overhear conversations that suggest the students were helping each other. One person told the others, “Let’s just remember that everyone grieves in their own way.”

The team was a group of deserving individuals. I knew their talents deserved support that only I could give.

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