Selected items from May 2004

• On the 1st, Barry Bonds, playing with the San Francisco Giants, set a National Baseball League record by being intentionally walked four times in a nine-inning game.

• After 10 seasons, NBC aired the final episode of “Friends” on May 6. A reported 50.5 million viewers watched that show.

• An F4 tornado wiped out the entire town of Hallam, Nebraska, on the 22nd. The tornado set a record with a width of 25 miles. Luckily, only one person was killed.

• In Paris on the 25th, the collapse of terminal 2E at the Charles de Gaulle Airport killed four and injured three individuals.

Local items from May 2004

• May 13, Tonya Callahan of Holden High School pitched her second no-hitter of the season in a 16-0 win over St. Mary’s. Head Coach Tracie Terry said, “We were conference champs three years in a row. It was a good season.”

• An ad from Jackson’s Warrensburg Appliance Center on the 13th offered GE appliances for sale: super capacity 2-speed washer for $295; 36-inch built-in electric cooktop for $175; and a 22-cubic-foot refrigerator for $475.

• On the 16th, the Mules Baseball team defeated Wayne State 15-3 to win the Central Regional and advance to the finals in Montgomery, Alabama. Steve Downey was selected the regional’s MVP.

• Rain poured across the county on the 19th, with 2.5 inches in the southern half. The storms brought lighting that ignited many fires. Sheriff Charles M. Heiss indicated the unusual number of fires produced hard times for all involved.

Personal perspective for May 2004

As I look back on that spring, it seemed typical. The Mules went to nationals. Local teams were playing on the diamonds. But then there were the rains and the storms that produced fires, destruction and even death.

It’s true, we don’t get far from the classics. Specifically, thank you, Charles Dickens: “It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.”

And, typically, I was planting trees. It was a new beginning in my quest to get a stand of peach trees. I placed seven plants in the ground. In theory, when mature, they would provide peaches across the summer.

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