Selected items from May 1999

• That month, the World Health Organization released its report, “Making a Difference” which described the achievement of the 20th century.

• Department of Labor Statistics indicated that women earned 75% of the salary paid to men for the same job that month.

• On May 2, John Elway retired from his position as quarterback of the Denver Broncos football team.

• In the “Blondie” cartoon on the 7th, the boss told Dagwood he was going to see how smart Dagwood was. Dagwood could go when he finished the report. Dagwood said it would take him past quitting time. “You’re smarter than I thought,” said the boss.

Local items from May 1999

• On the 6th, it was announced that Nancy Knight was the district agent of the month with American Family Insurance.

• Kristy Larson, a musical student at what is now the University of Central Missouri, was selected on the 14th to perform on the flute in the second annual National Wind Ensemble at Carnegie Hall.

• Debora Briggs, state president, addressed the Warrensburg Chapter of Business and Professional Women at the University Inn on May 10. Briggs was employed as the director of Public Safety Alliance in the Ozarks.

• On May 20, Angela Wendel joined the staff at Harmony Gardens as admission counsel. Wendel was a veteran of the Air Force and had earned her master’s degree in gerontology from UCM.

• Sandra and Ed Elliot, on the 25th, hosted a reception for Vice President Tom Edmunds, who was retiring, on June 30 after 40 years at UCM.

Personal perspective for May 1999

In academia, the communication discipline had distinguished itself as providing equal opportunity. Women had served in leadership positions from president of the national organization to key positions in departments across the nation.

So, as I submitted applications for jobs that spring, I had no concerns in terms of reverse discrimination. Given my skills, I felt confident I’d find a new job for 2000.

I never thought of leaving UCM as retiring. At some point, I had made a lifetime commitment to contributing something to the greater good, regardless of how small. So, I continue to hope you find I have something meaningful to say.

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