Selected World Items from May 2005

• From “NASA Science” on the ninth: space radiation can shred DNA molecules leading to a multitude of problems including cancer.

• The International Journal of Cancer reported survey results which suggested that moderate exercise could reduce the risk of ovarian cancer among women on the 16th.

• On the 17th, actress and singer Kylie Minogue was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had won her first Grammy with “Come into My World.” After surgery and lengthy recovery, she continued her acting and singing career which included hits “Kissed Me Once” and “Golden.”

Some Local Items from May 2005

• On the 10th, the Warrensburg Tigers tennis team defeated the Clinton Cardinal in the last match for Head Coach Larry Kratz. “I won my first match and I won my last,” said Kratz as he retired at the end of the school year. He did not mention all his wins between the first and last.

• Warrensburg Mayor Debbie Arwood proclaimed May 9 through 14 as National Nursing Home Week.

• A 3.3 magnitude earthquake hit the county at reported on the 20th. County Emergency Management Director Karen Eagleston said the quake took place 5.7 miles below the ground but rattled windows in Chilhowee and shook mobile homes in Knob Noster and Holden.

• The Missouri Highway Patrol honored Bryan T. Price, Bryan W. Terrell, Lorenz H. Richter and Loren Dickmeier on the 29th. The five individuals pulled the driver free from a burning propane truck that had wrecked on U. S. Highway 50.

Personal Perspective for May 2005

My body told me that there was something seriously wrong as early as that May. And, I did listen. I just didn’t tell anyone else. Why, I cannot say.

I was planting seeds in our expanded fenced vegetable garden. No one else was home. When I decided to break for lunch, it was like my stomach dropped. I went to my knees and rolled to the ground. I trembled. I lay there until I felt some strength return.

Our daughter, Rhae, was planning her wedding. I walked her down the aisle and attended the wedding of her life-long friend, Doug, before my annual medical exam lead to the diagnosis of cancer.

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