Selected items from June 1994

• On the 6th, the governor’s office issued a proclamation in honor of the 50th anniversary of the D-Day landing of Allied forces in France.

• A book given for a Father’s Day gift that June 19 was “Letters to My Son” by Kent Nerburn. In it he said, “It is easier to become a father than to be one.”

• On June 17, the day O.J. Simpson lead the Los Angeles police on a two-hour trip around the roads and freeways of the California community, several major sporting events occurred: Arnold Palmer played in his final round of the U. S. Open; the FIFA started the first World Cup played in the USA; and Ken Griffey tied Babe Ruth’s record for the most home runs hit before June 30.

Local items from June 1994

• On the 3rd, Mildred Adams retired as a Heritage Library volunteer after 20 years of service. She was known as a virtual living encyclopedia.

• It was announced on the 6th that Jerry M. Graham had published a book, “For the Love of a Child.”

• On June 7, the Rev. and Mrs. Michael Forbush of Warrensburg announced the engagement of their daughter, Carla Renee, to Woody Johnson.

• At Boys State held on the campus of what is now the University of Central Missouri during the week of the 18th, Travis Guy Sutton was selected to attend Boys Nation in Washington, D.C., later that summer as a model citizen.

Personal perspective for June 1994

That Father’s Day, Rhae was in Kenya working with the starving children. It was part of her program to fulfill degree requirements. Kenya was an emerging nation, but it seemed a safe enough place for her to work.

You may notice that I avoid using the word “my” to reference my relationship with Rhae. Avoiding ownership does provide some difficulty in meeting strangers; I’m cursed by my knowledge of how language influences our thinking. Thinking in terms of possessing others isn’t healthy.

Students, particularly female students, after that day in June, would say, “O.J. could have had any woman he wanted.”

“Obviously not,” I’d reply. “He wanted Nicole, but he could not have her.”

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