Selected Items from June 2004

• June 7, Phil Mickelson won the Exelon Invitational in Avondale, Pennsylvania. That followed his winning the Masters in April that year.

• In the Lotto drawing on the 12th, one person hit the jackpot winning $2,825,379. Five individuals had the power-ball number and matched five other numbers to win $146,912 each.

• It was announced on the 14th that Kansas City casinos had established a record for income that month. Gamblers on those river boats had lost an average of $2 million a day.

• Spiderman II was released on the 30th with Warrensburg’s own Grant Curtis as co-producer.

Some Local Items from June 2004

• Pitcher Steve Sharpe was drafted by the Oakland A’s, as reported by the DSJ on the 8th. He had been a starter for the Mules that year with a record of 13-0. Head Coach Darin Henderson said, “We figured we were only going to have him with us for a year and we’re delighted for Steve.”

• June 12, The Homewreckers headlined the fourth annual Blind Boone Music & Arts Festival. Admission was free. There was an auction of donated items that benefited the Warrensburg Park and Rec Department.

• On the 14th, the city of Warrensburg authorized a Development Agreement with Lowe’s to construct a store in the city.

• Across the month, an ad announced a wall-to-wall sale from Arwood’s Furniture. Trails Regional Library had bought the building and Arwood’s was moving to its present location.

Personal Perspective for June 2004

I had planted seven trees that spring. The goal was to have ripe peaches across the summer when the trees matured.

Except, the leaves on one tree were almost oval, resembling a pear more than a peach. I thought, “perhaps the difference is because it’s an experimental variety.”

Finally, that June, I called the nursery. After consultation, the representative said, “It’s likely a pear. We’ll send you a replacement peach.”

As is often the case, the replacement was a dud. It was small and never grew. However, the mystery plant shot up. Last year, I got a few pears from that tree. I wish you could have tasted one. They were the best pears I’ve ever eaten.

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