Selected Items from June 1999

• “I definitely believe in positive thinking and positive talking and I spoke it into existence,” Patryre King said of New Cambria on the 4th after predicting she would win and winning the Miss Missouri Pageant.

• In the June 4 “Peanuts,” Peppermint Patty was afraid to look at her report card. When Marcie opened it for her, Marcie screamed prompting Patty to say, “You should write horror stories.”

• In a letter to Ann Landers’ on the 15th, a woman said her prospective mother-in-law made her feel like a second-class citizen. Landers told the woman that the communication was not likely to improve after the wedding.

Some Local Items from June 1999

• On the third, Erica Vaughan, coordinator of Big Brothers/Big Sisters, presented the Founders Award to Penny and Tony Monetti.

• A June 4 letter to the editor thanked the Warrensburg Board of Education for allowing Windsor schools to hire Rick Mills as Principal of Windsor Elementary. The letter praised Mills for many leadership qualities including, “Mills says what he means and means what he says.” The letter was from Carol Davis, Title I Teacher at WES.

• It was announced on the 11th that Central Missouri’s Board had selected Bobby Patton, a nationally recognized scholar in communication, to replace Ed Elliot as president of the University on July 1, 1999.

• Two couples celebrated 50 years of marriage that month. Robert and Donna Nichol, who were married on June 23, 1949, had their reception on the 27th; and Marion and Edith Davis received guests on the 30th to remember their wedding of June 29, 1949.

Personal Perspective for June 1999

My teaching assignment that summer was comprised entirely of courses in interpersonal communication (IPC). The simplest definition of IPC is a one-to-one discussion. However, most writers seek to give a connotation that suggests a high quality to their definitions of IPC.

Then, the writers need to establish criteria for quality in communication. Possibilities in that list include, but clearly not limited to, confidence, effectiveness, authenticity (as in saying what you mean and meaning what you say) and durability of the relationship.

My short article, “Levels of Involvement,” found on my webpage, provides one unifying system for evaluation quality.

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