Selected items from June 1984

• In “The Wild Side of Town,” published in the June issue of “Texas Monthly,” Suzanne Winkler discussed all the wild animals that can be seen in small towns.

• Erma Bombeck’s column on the 5th was “Small Towns Have Big Ideas” and started by quoting Henny Youngman, whose not-too-bright brother-in-law opened a tall man’s store in Toyoko. Bombeck told of stopping for lunch in a small town. As she started toward a table, the waitress showed her a sign that said, “Please wait to be seated by the hostage.”

• On June 9, Weird Al Yankovic gave a live performance at Starlight Amphitheater.

Local items from June 1984

• Just in time for Father’s Day, a quitting business ad from Ritchies on the 5th offered at least 30% off on the entire stock.

• On the 12th, it was reported that the city of Warrensburg had settled its suit against RCA, CIT Financial Corp. and All Steel for $300,000 according to City Manager David Greenamyre.

• In her June 14 editorial, Avis Tucker reviewed Warrensburg’s saga. It began with excitement in 1979 when All Steel announced it would locate in the city with 1000 employees in May 1990. It continued with the city spending a sizable sum to accommodate All Steel. Then, the company’s decided not to come and the city sued for $142 million, which Tucker saw as a ridiculous amount. The parties settled.

• At Johnson County Memorial Hospital (now Western Missouri Medical Center), June 15 was the last day for Administrator Ronald Ebersole. He was replaced on July 1 by David Baurman.

Personal perspective for June 1984

We did shop the local lots for a car that month, but we bought a new Toyota Camry in Sedalia. Most of our purchases in those days were made beyond Warrensburg.

Indeed, most of what we did once we left our peaceful little acreage, we did outside the county. We learned quickly of the entertainment, dining and sports in Kansas City and Sedalia.

It was only later that I learned the secret of living in a small town. As the saying goes: It’s not what you know; it’s who you know. People create what’s missing.

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