Selected items from June 1989

• At the Tony Awards on the 4th, Pauline Collins won for best actress in the play “Shirley Valentine.”

•The TV in the Ziggy cartoon on the 5th said, “Tonight, 60 Minutes is going to investigate ‘a few minutes with Andy Rooney.’”

• On the 13th, Jerry Lee Lewis’s star was placed on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

• On June 14, President Ronald Reagan was knighted by Queen Elizabeth. The honorary award is the highest given by the British government to non-Brits. Along with his wife, Nancy, the president emerged from lunch at the palace carrying the insignia of the Knight Grand Cross. He told reporters, “I feel greatly honored.”

Local items from June 1989

• Speaking on the topic of success, Dr. Bruce M. Achauer addressed the graduating class at Warrensburg High School on June 1. Achauer, a noted surgeon and a 1960 alumnus, told the audience, “Deciding what you care about and devoting yourself to those values is the only way you can survive the traumas of existence and have it make sense.”

• Pictured on the 6th was Deloris Smith, of Warrensburg, holding a plate filled with fresh three-inch strawberries that she had grown.

• Michael Quimby won the Russell Coleman Distinguished Alumni Music award for the year, as reported on the 7th.

• Mr. and Mrs. Cletius Brant celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. They were married June 17, 1949.

Personal perspective for June 1989

Success is an abstract concept and can give us problems when we don’t define it in the moment. Each new situation, each new task requires new criteria that we can use to say we met our goal, that we had success.

Success is a noun and as such we tend to think of it as something we can possess: i.e., We have success. We only have it for the moment, in a situation.

Of course, success is relative and it is personal or social. Some of our plants survive and produce; other people’s gardens may produce more than ours.

The word gives us the most problems in its adjective form: successful. We want to be and for our children to be successful. It’s better not to even think in those terms.

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