Selected World Items from June 2015

• An on-line ad from Quickcrop Vegetable Gardens on the ninth: “It really is incredible how things burst into life when you get a bit of warmth and sunshine.”

• Mighty Sam McClain, American soul blues singer and songwriter, died on June 15.

• “The child must know that he is a miracle, that since the beginning of the world there hasn’t been, and until the end of the world there will not be another child like him.” This quote from Pablo Casals was an epigraph for the essay, “Because Miracles Matter” on on the 29th.

Some Local Items from June 2015

• The Johnson County Master Gardeners awarded its Horticulture Scholarship to Sandra May on the first. May, a first-year student at the University of Central Missouri, was employed at the Mitchell Street Teaching Garden under the supervision of Mark Goodwin.

• Pictured on the fourth: Shane Sanders, Katrine Reynolds, Heidi Freeman and Anthony Forman planting a tree. Employees of TCC Horizon and Heartland Tree Alliance had teamed to plant eight trees to advocate a health-community forest.

• County Farm Service Executive Director Julie Brooks said, on the 18th, that the cool rainy weather had put a damper on crops and haying.

• “We accept EBT at the farmers market,” Main Street Executive Director Julie Turnip said on the 25th. Turnip was referring Electron Benefit Cards in their second year at the market.

Personal Perspective for June 2015

As I watched those little leaves push themselves out of the ground, I could only marvel then and still do today. I had placed that tiny round seed in the ground only days before. I felt the need to protect those two small leaves because they looked so fragile. Still, I knew that, in the fall, I would have difficulty removing the mature plant from the ground. The plant would be taller than I am; it would have a woody, thick stock and stout branches.

I know it’s true of all seeds. They are the germ from which comes (with enough care and/or luck) substantial plants that produce flowers for our homes and food for our tables. Still, I marvel most at that round okra seed.

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