Selected items from July 1974

• On the 3rd, Terry Jordan of the St. Joseph News-Press said that typed letters signed by President Harry S. Truman were selling for 60 cents each. He predicted that their values would quickly increase.

• “Today in History” listed the following events for July 3: In 1775, George Washington took command of the Continental Army at Cambridge, Massachusetts. In 1863, Confederate States troops under the command of Gen. George Pickett suffered severe losses on what was the third and final day of the battle of Gettysburg.

Local items from July 1974

• Ron Fisher, Jaycees president, discussed the forthcoming July 4 fireworks display on the 1st. The celebration was held in the stadium at Vernon Kennedy Field.

• In “Backward Glances,” writer Shirley Ellis talked about the excitement of the old-fashioned Independence Day celebration held at Pertle Springs in 1929.

• A Kroger’s of Warrensburg ad informed the public the store would be open from 9 to 6 p.m. on the Fourth of July. The ad, appearing on the 1st, also offered specials: 12-ounce package of Seilz skinless wieners for 49 cents; four packages of Golden Grain macaroni and cheese for $1; and red peaches for 45 cents a pound.

Personal perspective for July 1974

A couple, who had both been in our wedding, surprised us with a visit that first day of July. We adjusted our plans for the week to be good hosts and, on my part, to impress them with the area.

Since John was into history, we toured the Truman Library. John impressed us with his knowledge of World War I. He responded to the artifacts there as if they were commonplace.

We dined at Stephenson’s Apple Orchard. Somehow, that meal couldn’t rival their usual Southern fare. Of course, the Plaza wasn’t lit as it is at Christmastime.

After the Jaycee’s fireworks at the stadium, there was only one day left before they planned to leave. So, we spent a nice quiet day at home. On a lark, we walked up the hill from our house to the old courthouse, library and museum. We could have spent their entire visit there. They were impressed on all counts.

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