Selected items from July 1989

• On July 5, the pilot episode of “Seinfeld Chronicles” written by Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David aired on NBC. The reviews were negative; it reflected too well its description, “a show about nothing.” However, executive Rick Ludwin saw some promise in the show and ordered four more episodes. It was the smallest order ever for a sitcom.

• Along with Vin Scully, on the 11th, former President Ronald Reagan provided analysis for the first inning of the all-star baseball game. After Bo Jackson and Wade Boggs opened the game with back-to-back homers, Reagan commented that even the fielders knew when the balls were hit that they were going over the fence.

• On the 14th, flying out of an Air Force Complex near Palmdale, California, the Stealth bomber took its first test flight of two hours over the California desert.

Local items from July 1989

• On the 13th, Don Nimmer, director of institutional research, at what is now the University of Central Missouri, predicted an increase in first-time students for the fall. Steve Peterson attributed the growth to recruitment by current students. “Our students tell our best story,” he said.

• Whiteman Air Force Base had its annual open house on the 16th. Along with the planes and air shows, the public could see the work being done in preparation for housing the Stealth bomber.

• Ed Elliot, president of what is now UCM, expressed pleasure on the 27th at the projected fall enrollment while stating that he’d like to see the number stabilize between 10,500 and 11,500 students.

Personal perspective for July 1989

The influx of new students in the autumn is clearly one of the joys of living in Warrensburg. The students bring energy and excitement to town. They provide life and remind us of the importance of goals and purpose.

Still, in July, the contrasting stillness brings a leisurely pace for enjoying the events of the summer. The town is quiet. It’s much easier to drive across town and to shop.

For many of us, summer is an opportunity to garden and visit with friends and to reflect on all the excitement there’ll be when the students come back to town.

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