Selected items from July 1979

• From “Frank and Ernest” on the 2nd: “I don’t need a vacation this summer. I’m already broke.”

• On July 2, the U.S. Agriculture Department projected that general fruit production for the year would be up 11%.

• A tornado touched down near the Cheyenne, Wyoming, airport on the 16th. It caused $22 million in damages, the most in Wyoming history.

• On July 20, traders cited uncertainty resulting from a shakeup in the Carter White House to explain the reduction in wheat futures ranging from 5 cents to 14 cents a bushel.

• The musical group KISS preformed at Madison Square Garden on the 24th.

Local items from July 1979

• Warrensburg Jaycees hosted the Fourth of July celebration at Grover Park. It began at 7 p.m. with fireworks beginning after dusk.

• As reported by Nan Cocke in the Daily Star-Journal, food prices in three of four local markets declined in the first survey of the month. It made sense to shop among the stores since prices varied greatly, especially in coffee, milk, eggs and butter.

• West Central Electric Coop. held its annual meeting on the 13th at Lafayette County High in Higginsville.

• On the 13th, in an ad by the owner: Ten acres for sale near Highway 13 and E; scenic, city water available, $11,750.

• MFA oil announced on the 13th that it could run out of oil within a week’s time. The company faulted policies implemented by the Carter administration and poor judgment on the part of some area farmers.

Personal perspective for July 1979

For the first time that summer, we planted a vegetable garden south of where our new home was under construction. The plants grew quickly. All of them produced beautiful flowers. But as July rolled around, we still had no fruit. I learned ants eat pollen.

Since then I’ve learned many other lessons in my efforts to produce veggies. I’ve learned more lessons, I’d say, than I’ve produced produce. The lessons are different each year, and one year’s morals may contradict established truisms.

I’ve heard, “you reap what you sow.” That should read, “you reap what you sow in good soil, tend well, and, then, have luck with the weather.”

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