Selected items from July 1984

• On July 3, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that women had the right to join Junior Chamber of Commerce organizations.

• Kansas City, Missouri, provided the biggest July 4th celebration in its history.

• Kansas City Royals relief pitcher Dan Quisenberry earned his 2,000th save on July 23, with the Royals winning 9 to 8 over the Blue Jays in Kansas City.

• The month ended with “Two Tribes” by the British band Frankie Goes to Hollywood atop the record charts.

Local items from July 1984

• Russell’s House of Donuts, located at 205 E. Railroad, advertised doughnuts for $1.79 a dozen on July 12.

• On the 14th at what is now the University of Central Missouri, Woody Allen’s “Play it Again, Sam” opened under the direction of professor Glenn Pierce.

• Duane Sterling, assistant to the president at what is now UCM, announced on the 19th that the number of first-time students enrolling at the university was expected to be lower that year than it has been in 1978.

Personal perspective for July 1984

Soon after we bought the land, Sara named it “The Diggin’s.” When she explained her reasoning, I did not like the idea.

However, by the summer of 1984, I was much more accepting of the name. The land would forever be a work in progress.

We had started pouring walks on the west of the house the previous summer with every expectation of having them completed that fall.

As we continued our labor that July, we still lacked an extension up the hill and a pit where we’d had fires since first buying the land. As I looked at each finished rock-embedded concrete slab, I was amazed not only that we had done it, but that we had enjoyed doing it together.

I realized that we had found our gold in the digging.

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