Selected World Items from Jan. 1990

• In the Jan. 12 copy of “At Wits End,” Erma Bombeck complained media had made it too easy for individuals to gain celebrity status. They no longer had to complete a course at the Humble Academy to join the world of the rich and famous.

• The answer to the “Cryptoquote” on the 17th was “The best part of fiction in most novels is the notice that the characters are purely imaginary.” — Franklin P. Adams.

• James J. Kilpatrick considered readers’ compliances of misuse of the English language in his column, “The Writer’s Art” on the 18th. One person noted the overuse of “basically,” saying “basic” described few things in the world.

Some Local Items from Jan. 1990

• On the third, Rachel J. Rothove, a senior at Warrensburg High School, won first place in an essay contest sponsored by the Sunrise Optimist Club. Every school in the county could submit an unlimited number of entries. Rothove’s submission was entitled, “Freedom, Our Precious Heritage.”

• The Warrensburg Best Western, on the 16th, invited everyone to its Lounge on the 25th to view Superbowl XXIV on the big screen TV.

• Jan. 25, The Platters entertained in Hendricks Hall on what is now the University of Central Missouri. They performed all their hits such as “The Great Pretender,” “My Dream” and “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes.”

• The children of Opal and Floyd Dohrman honored them with a reception on the 21st in honor of their 40 years of marriage. Millie and Ron Henson celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary on the 23rd.

Personal Perspective for Jan. 1990

While I had completed two unpublished books by the beginning of 1990, in a sense, you could say my secular writing began that year: I wrote a short story that was published. The story, based on my mother treating us to ice cream, got an “honorable mention” in a contest.

That “success” was enough to prompt me to submit similar stories to my hometown newspaper which published five of them. They and three others, including the ice-cream tale, are on my website in the “Out of Pea Ridge” section. Still, I’m not a writer; I just communicate.

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