• On Aug. 2, NASA confirmed that Voyager 2 had discovered three more moons around Neptune. On the 12th the probe also identified two partial rings. Voyager 2 cleared Neptune on the 24th.

• On the 6th, the pilot’s union gave its members permission to cross the picket lines of the machinists who were striking Eastern Air Lines.

• In a letter to Ann Landers on the 16th, a woman told of how a psychologist had helped the woman understand that her obesity was linked to her parent’s alcoholism. Then, the Association of Children of Alcoholics had been helpful in resolving her internal conflicts. Landers recommended ACA and advised readers that Al-Anon would help connect them with ACA.

Some local Items from August 1989

• On the 5th, Florence Bird celebrated her 90th birthday at Grover Park Community Center.

• Doug Harris, a student at Warrensburg High School, was selected as the Teenager of the Month by the Warrensburg Optimist Club on the ninth. Harris had received Academic Honors twice as well as an honor in forensics/debate.

• On the 10th, Bill Bernier, President of Depot Renovations, announced that his corporation had been awarded $12,500 by the Missouri Highway and Transportation Department.

• Mr. and Mrs. Marvin V. Luetjen celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on the 27th. They were married Aug. 28, 1929.

• A Bi-Lo ad on the 29th had two 12-inch Tombstone pizzas for $5.99; grapes for 59 cents a pound; and a 4-quart pail of Highland ice cream for $2.99.

Personal perspective for August 1989

My Training Sergeants in the Army taught me the KISS principle: Keep It Simple Stupid. Later my civilian teachers changed it to Keep It Sweet and Simple.

I do generally try to follow that principle. I often want to trigger an emotion, and the simple often carries the most direct and thus most powerful punch.

Then, something like the Landers’ letter gives a glimpse into life’s complexities. The woman’s excessive weight, like her parent’s drinking, is a result of many factors. Each of the factors is too complex for words. Words must omit details for us to be able to talk together. Words simplify without our help.

And, today, Voyager 2 moves farther into infinity.

Copyright 2019 W. Clifton Adams. Additional writing from Adams can be found at wca-refracted.com.

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