Selected Items from October 1995

• Tim Baley, son of Rosemary and Jerry Baley, presented a piano concert at the Cedar Grove Christian Church on the eighth. Baley, known as “Piano Man,” had won many awards and played at grand concerts around the world and at the United Nations.

• On the 17th, the Missouri official guide to government added an essay recognizing Mark Twain, Walt Disney and Loura Ingalls Wilder for their contributions to young people.

• Warrensburg Tigers won their second straight West Central Championship at a meet held in Higginsville on the 20th. The Ron Clawson coached team clinched what was the Tigers’ 22nd title in the previous 23 years. That year, Clawson’s boys cross-country team also took the Class 3A State Championship. It was Clawson’s fifth championship in that competition in nine years. The girls had also won state three times over that same period.

• On the 28th, Crest Ridge defeated Cass Midway 17-15 and 15-7 to claim their first ever

• Division Volleyball title. In the next day’s DSJ, Carly Deer was pictured making a kill shot at Oak Grove in a game that advanced Warrensburg to the final four in 3A Volleyball.

Personal Perspective for October 1995

Teachers in Johnson County have made a positive contribution to the growth and success of our children. They, as well as teachers around the world deserve recognition for the positive influence they have on the lives of those they instructed and, in turn, to our enjoyment and the advancement of their culture and society.

The effect of this influence is most easily seen in sports; but, it is equally important in academics and other competitions. We recognize the impact of their instruction at every parade as the bands march by and at 4-H competitions, school plays and dance recitals. Math and speech contests are more difficult to observe. These teachers, obviously, include many volunteers.

Teaching has never been easy. It is a challenge in the best of times. These times, with health consideration magnified and illness at schools, require an increased effort. Thank you to all who provide this service for a compensation far below its value!

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