United States Strategic Command deputy commander visits Whiteman Air Force Base

Vice Admiral David Kriete, deputy commander of United States Strategic Command, takes questions from members of Whiteman Air Force Base during a visit on Tuesday, Aug. 27.

WHITEMAN AIR FORCE BASE — After presenting the Omaha Trophy to members of Whiteman Air Force Base on Tuesday, Aug. 27, Vice Admiral David Kriete, deputy commander of United States Strategic Command, met with those in attendance for the presentation about what is happening at the United States Strategic Command at the headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska.

“What a treat it was to present the Omaha Trophy to all of you,” Kriete said.

While he was on base to present the trophy, Kriete said he was also on base to see what was going on at the base and to learn about the mission taking place at Whiteman.

“Most importantly, I really just wanted to come and say thanks, it’s that simple,” he said.

Kriete then went on to describe how those at Whiteman fit into what the United States Strategic Command is doing.

“You have a really important role and we are very aware of that up in STRATCOM,” he said.

Kriete said the three priorities of STRATCOM are to provide strategic deterrence, conduct a decisive response if that deterrence were to fail and have a trained, combat-ready resilient force.

“You are part of all three of those priorities in STRATCOM,” Kriete said. “Those are three pretty simple priorities and they are all unclassified.”

He said they are unclassified because STRATCOM wants to ensure everyone is aware who STRATCOM is, what it stands for and what it is willing to do if it is called upon.

“It is really that simple,” Kriete said.

He also discussed how STRATCOM is currently transitioning to a command headquarters facility and working to establish a U.S. Space Command (with a U.S. Space Command set to launch within the week he was visiting).

Kriete said over the next couple years, responsibilities will be transferred to the space command from U.S. STRATCOM to U.S. SPACECOM.

“We are not going to miss a step along the way,” he said.

Kriete said there is also increased importance in integrating global joint operations.

“Our goal is to make sure no adversary, today or in the future ever perceives that there is some sort of gap or seam in the way the U.S. military will fight that they might chose to exploit,” he said.

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