Col. Schreiner gives update on Whiteman Air Force Base at Networking Luncheon

509th Bomb Wing Cmdr. Col. Jeffrey Schreiner Oct. 13 at the Warrensburg Chamber of Commerce Networking Luncheon, hosted by the Military Affairs Committee, at the American Legion post 131.

WARRENSBURG — 509th Bomb Wing Cmdr. Col Jeffrey Schreiner, Whiteman Air Force Base, was the guest of honor Nov. 13 at the Warrensburg Chamber of Commerce’s Networking Luncheon, hosted by the Military Affairs Committee, at the American Legion Post 131.

Schreiner gave attendees an update about what is going on at the base including an announcement about the return of Wings Over Whiteman in June of 2020.

Since the event has been biennial in recent years, the next WOW was slated for 2021 since there was one in June of 2019.

However, Schreiner credited the record-setting crowd in 2019 as a reason for the expedited process of the 2020 event.

After 2020, WOW will take a break in 2021 and return in 2022.

Schreiner gave a lot of credit to the community for the success of Whiteman Air Force Base.

“Many thanks to the Military Affairs Committee for what you do and building that relationship with the base,” he opened his speech with.

Schreiner discussed how the Johnson County community assists Whiteman as it has a global impact.

“Really, Whiteman Air Force Base and the community that supports it, which is you, are touching all aspects of the Air Force mission on a daily basis,” he said.

Schreiner then went on to discuss the recent success of the base.

“A lot of our year can be summed up with the one trophy we won this year which is the Omaha Trophy,” he said.

Schreiner said the goal this year is to be the first base to win the trophy in back-to-back-to-back years.

“To win that back-to-back years is a true testament of this wing and where this wing is at right now,” he said.

The base recently went through a major inspection in 2019.

“That is a big deal, they are tough to pass and we did really well,” Schreiner said. “That was exciting for the wing as well.”

Some of the addition highlights the commander hit on included Global Thunder, an exercise done with Strategic Command, a Spirit Vigilance Exercise, done internally, and the Bomber Task Force Missions that the base participated in this past year.

A specific task Schreiner touched on was the hop-hit refueling.

This is a first with the B-2 program.

The task consisted of the B-2 landing, getting a refuel and taking back off without shutting off the aircraft.

This process was tested a couple times in different locations.

“That capability is just one of the capabilities that we have to extend the range of the bomber fleet,” Schreiner said.

Schreiner said he often gets asked why the Air Force does tasks such as this.

“Really it comes down to deterrence and showing resolve,” he said. “It is important to remind our adversaries in the world that we have this capability.”

Schreiner said he stresses the importance of everything the base does with incoming airmen.

“The mission is tough, that is something I tell our airmen, too,” he said.

Schreiner said his goal since coming to Whiteman has been to make sure the base is always doing its best at its mission.

“If we do that, we are going to be able to do everything else great as well,” he said.

Moving forward, Schreiner wrapped up his speech by talking about the future of the base, including the B-21.

He said if everything moves forward as planned, Whiteman would be the second base to get the aircraft.

“While that is a lot of years down the road, there is going to be a lot that goes into getting the base ready for that as we get into it,” Schreiner said.

He said the addition of the aircraft means a lot to the base.

“It really cements the future of Whiteman Air Force Base,” he said.

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